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Soul Fighter and TFT – What to Expect

Every summer, Riot Games treats players to a special event, and this year they are taking it up a notch with the exciting Soul Fighter theme. Inspired by popular fighting games and anime tournament arcs, Soul Fighter introduces a host of new cosmetics, game modes, and in-game events across Riot’s titles: League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and Teamfight Tactics.

New Features in Teamfight Tactics

In the latest TFT patch 13.13, players are eagerly chasing the new DRX Aatrox Chibi and the elusive Little Devil Teemo. But that’s not all, Riot is preparing to release another adorable Chibi for the Soul Fighter event – Gwen.

Soul Fighter Gwen Chibi
A selfie after eliminating players. Soul Fighter Gwen Victory’s Pose.

Gwen, designed around the Soul tournament theme, will showcase unique features such as a finishing animation with a jump kick and even taking a victorious selfie. Additionally, a new Little Legends Species called Khaat’Sai will be introduced, adding more excitement to the game.

Introducing the Tournament of Souls Arena

No grand event is complete without a special arena, and Soul Fighter brings us the Tournament of Souls Arena where all the thrilling matches will take place.

Tournament of Souls Arena
Tournament of Souls Arena. Where the matches are taking place.

Soul Brawl – A New Game Mode

Teamfight Tactics will have its own exclusive game mode during the Soul Fighter event called Soul Brawl. This game mode takes place in two stages:

  1. Training Phase: Compete against tacticians for Soul Power, which not only strengthens your Soul Crown but also provides additional loot options.
  2. Tournament Phase: Engage in a Best-of-Three bracket tournament. Win to advance, lose and you’re eliminated, no second chances.

This new temporary game mode pays homage to the competitive fighting games scene and will be available to play until the event ends.

The Choncc Dome – A New Narrative Mode

Similar to the Spirit Blossom Event in 2020, the Choncc Dome is this year’s engaging narrative event. Champions and Tacticians team up to prepare for the Tournament of Souls, bringing to life the excitement of anime arcs. While not many details about the narrative have been revealed yet, the Choncc Dome will come with an exclusive Event Pass+ (with a likely free version as well).

Soul Fighters battling it out in TFT
Soul Fighters battling it out in TFT.

Event Availability

The Soul Fighter event is scheduled to launch on Thursday, July 20th, and will run until August 28th, totaling almost six weeks of excitement. Although the event is starting a little later than usual due to the Summer Week Break, the extra time allows Riot Games to polish every aspect of the event for a perfect experience.

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The Soul Fighter event is set to captivate players with its vibrant Soul Fighter theme, introducing new features, exciting game modes, and narrative events across multiple Riot titles. Get ready to join the tournament, collect unique cosmetics, and embrace the soul-fueled battles in Teamfight Tactics. Stay tuned for more updates and details to come!

Note: Patch 13.13 will bring extensive changes to augment, Legends effects, Traits improvements, as well as nerfs to Zeri, Zeke’s, and Bastion. If you’re looking for the best comps to dominate lobbies and climb LP, check out our TFT comp tier list.