Friday, 17 May 2024

Another Rise To Power

In just a few short years, the 3rd Street Saints have transformed from a small gang into a major commercial force. With endorsement deals and piles of cash, they have become a force to be reckoned with. However, their success poses an interesting challenge for Saints Row: The Third. How do you continue the story when you’re already at the top?

“When you first arrive in Steelport, you realize that the Syndicate has locked you out of your cash and the Saints are nowhere to be found,” says Scott Phillips, the game’s lead designer. It’s a lonely situation, but backup is just a phone call away. Saints lieutenant Pierce mobilizes the remaining Saints and heads to Steelport to join forces with the player and Shaundi.

To gain traction in the city, the Steelport Saints need to eliminate the Syndicate, a criminal collective that controls the area. Before confronting them, the Saints decide to upgrade their living situation. They raid a Syndicate penthouse, which not only provides a better base but also uncovers valuable intel on the Syndicate’s inner workings.

In Saints Row: The Third, players take over the city by completing various activities and pushing out rival gangs. Money earned from these activities can be used to purchase businesses and strongholds. The Syndicate defends flashpoint zones, which are key transfer points for their illegal activities. By taking control of these areas, the Saints establish their presence in Steelport.

Having AI accomplices is crucial for success. Players can recruit allies from the streets to accompany them during missions. As the Saints gain a stronger foothold in the city, they become better equipped to deal with resistance.

The strongholds system allows players to make their mark on the city. Apart from the penthouse, there are skyscrapers, casinos, and unique locations like the BDSM Playboy Mansion. Upgrading these strongholds directly affects the power and strength of the gang. The cash and respect earned in these areas increases, creating a ring of power that enhances the Saints’ influence.

Maintaining a balanced economy is essential. Saints Row: The Third addresses this concern by providing various ways for players to spend their cash. The game ensures that money and respect retain their usefulness throughout the gameplay experience.

Following a character’s rise to power is a popular storytelling technique, and Saints Row has successfully utilized it in the past. The third game brings a change of venue to Steelport, allowing players to continue their journey without starting from scratch. As the Saints take over the city, the streets will be saturated in their signature purple color.


Q: How do you upgrade strongholds in Saints Row: The Third?
A: Strongholds can be upgraded multiple times, making the gang stronger and improving the weapons of the gang members. Upgrading also increases the cash and respect earned in that territory.

Q: What activities can players engage in to take over the city?
A: Players can participate in various activities, such as insurance fraud and tank mayhem, to push rival gangs out of specific areas. Completing these activities earns money and contributes to the Saints’ dominance in Steelport.

Q: Can players recruit AI accomplices in Saints Row: The Third?
A: Yes, players can recruit AI allies from the streets to accompany them during missions and other activities. These accomplices play a crucial role in helping the Saints expand their influence in Steelport.


Saints Row: The Third offers players an exciting journey as they rise to power in the city of Steelport. Through a combination of strategic alliances, upgrades, and taking control of key locations, players can solidify the Saints’ dominance over rival gangs. The game’s balanced economy ensures that players’ cash and respect remain valuable throughout their quest for power. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Saints Row: The Third and experience the thrill of building an empire.