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5 Best Supports Picks To Climb Ranks in Patch 13.21

Last patch brought significant changes that shifted the dynamics of the game. The bot lane, in particular, witnessed a return of scaling picks, with Jinx leading the charge thanks to her powerful buffs in Patch 13.20. While most champion picks were affected by the patch, the bot lane saw only a few new additions.

Support Changes in Patch 13.21

In Patch 13.21, several adjustments were made to the support role. These changes aimed to make certain picks viable in the jungle and provide slight buffs to underperforming champions like Seraphine and Tahm Kench.

Seraphine received tweaks to reduce her laning power and enhance her viability as a support. However, these changes did not quite achieve the desired effect because Riot has further plans for her. On the other hand, Tahm Kench received a smaller buff to his health damage scaling and a cooldown refund on Abyssal Drive (W).

Zyra, Morgana, and Brand also received changes, but these changes were primarily focused on improving their performance in the jungle rather than in their support roles.

5. Soraka

Soraka has been performing exceptionally well since the changes in Patch 13.20, and this trend continues in Patch 13.21. While engage supports dominate the meta, Soraka stands out as an enchanter who can hold her own against them. Her solid laning phase and scaling healing make her one of the top picks in the tank/hypercarry champion meta.

Once Soraka completes her core build of Moonstone Renewer and Redemption, she becomes a healing powerhouse. Her Astral Infusion (W) and Wish (Ultimate) can turn seemingly impossible fights in her team’s favor. Skilled Soraka players position themselves strategically to maximize healing while remaining safe, forcing opponents into making costly mistakes.

While Soraka lacks mobility, some players utilize her Salvation (Passive) to move quickly. However, this is often insufficient to survive against champions like Nocturne. Additionally, Soraka relies on leveling and items to scale effectively, so falling behind can significantly impact her impact in the game. Playing cautiously is crucial in these situations.

Her healing can be countered by anti-healing items or summoner spells like Ignite, but most opponents prioritize damage items rather than investing in anti-healing measures.

Soraka is an excellent choice for climbing the ranks if you understand her playstyle and capitalize on her strengths.

4. Thresh

Thresh stands out as one of the most versatile supports and excels in a meta that heavily favors engage. His Death Sentence (Q) hook provides lockdown potential, while his Flay (E) allows for engaging and disengaging in various ways. To top it off, his Dark Passage (W) lantern not only saves overextended teammates but also allows for unique plays in combination with his Q.

With a complete core build, Thresh can dominate the mid-game through picks and peeling for his ADC against aggressive champions. However, mastering Thresh’s maximum potential can be challenging, and there are other easier picks that offer instant engages, making Thresh less popular among professional players.

To make the most of Thresh’s abilities, players need to invest time and effort into mastering him. However, once mastered, Thresh can elevate players to higher levels of play. Watching players like Delight from GenG can provide inspiration and help improve gameplay with Thresh.

3. Senna

Senna’s Lethality setup has propelled her to prominence in the bot lane. Building Serrated Dirk provides her with significant early-game stats and transforms her into a dominant force.

As a carry support, Senna is an excellent choice for players looking to carry games. She offers utility through Piercing Darkness (Q) heals, Curse of the Black Mist (E) mist, and Dawning Shadow (Ultimate) heal and shields. However, what truly sets Senna apart is her absurd range, infinite scaling with Souls, and constant lane harassment.

Senna’s root skillshot (W) and movement speed bonus from her Mist make her challenging to catch. However, her upfront playstyle can lead to overextension, which good junglers will exploit. Additionally, Senna’s effectiveness is heavily reliant on stacking souls, and without them, she can feel relatively weak.

With the current slower-paced meta, Senna’s Lethality build continues to shine, and players can expect her to remain a powerful pick in the future.

2. Rakan

Rakan has been dominating the bot lane for several patches now and shows no signs of slowing down. His gameplay revolves around powerful engage potential, with The Quickness (Ultimate) charming enemies and Grand Entrance allowing for swift initiations. His Battle Dance (E) enables him to jump back to an ally, making his engagements safe.

Rakan’s ability to protect hyper carry champions from assassins and engages, coupled with his engage potential, makes him valuable to any team. However, he struggles in the laning phase and lacks wave priority. Despite having shields and heals, he remains squishy.

While Rakan’s engaging abilities are formidable, he is vulnerable to point-and-click ultimates like Malzahar’s Nether Grasp. Mastering Rakan requires significant investment of time and effort. However, skilled players can climb the ranks and achieve success with him. Studying players like Delight from GenG can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

1. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank remains the top pick in Patch 13.21, despite the slower-paced meta. The resurgence of champions like Jinx and Ziggs has only amplified Blitzcrank’s dominance in the bot lane.

Blitzcrank’s powerful Q ability, Rocket Grab, can force opponents to use Flash or face death. In solo queue, Blitzcrank is a menace. A single well-timed hook can turn the tide of the game, leading to a Baron and subsequent victory.

While Blitzcrank’s effectiveness is undeniable, he does have some weaknesses. Missing his Q can be detrimental, and he struggles against champions with high mobility such as Ezreal. Additionally, Blitzcrank’s impact diminishes in the late game.

For players looking to climb the ranks and secure victories, Blitzcrank is an excellent choice.

Honorable Mentions

There are a few champions worth mentioning but didn’t quite make the top five. Zyra is an exceptional AP carry support, ideal for players who enjoy taking initiative and dealing damage. Nautilus remains a strong and easy-to-learn pick, although he falls short compared to the champions on this list. Alistar, frequently picked in worlds, excels at engaging and controlling champions like Rakan but didn’t make the cut due to overall performance.

Ultimately, the best pick is the one that brings you joy. While these champions are strong in the current meta, true mastery of any champion can lead to success, unless you’re in the highest tiers of play.

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