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Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

In the world of Alien movies, fans have been disappointed in the past, especially with the recent Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, Alien: Isolation, developed by Creative Assembly, takes a fresh approach by drawing inspiration from Ridley Scott’s original 1979 horror film, Alien, rather than James Cameron’s Aliens.

During my hands-on experience with Alien: Isolation, I was captivated and came away with a sense of hope that this game could be the one to finally deliver an authentic Alien experience. Here are the key reasons why fans have reason to be excited.

They’re using the first film as an inspiration

Unlike Aliens, which featured intense battles against swarms of aliens, Alien: Isolation returns to the slow-paced, terrifying atmosphere of the original film. Creative Assembly has taken great care in recreating the 1979 aesthetic, with a low-fi approach to technology and an emphasis on retro design elements. The game’s setting, Sevastapol Station, is filled with old-school touches, from push-button computers to incandescent lights. This unique approach sets Alien: Isolation apart from other games in the genre.

Alien: Isolation

Bug hunter, or bug hunted?

In Alien: Isolation, you play as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley. As Amanda, you are an engineer, not a space marine armed to the teeth. Your mission is not to annihilate the xenomorph, but to survive. The alien in the game is a formidable adversary, responding to sound and detecting even the slightest movement. It’s a refreshing departure from the typical bullet sponge enemies found in other games. Creative Assembly has designed the alien to be a thinking predator, learning from your actions and adapting its behavior accordingly.

The effects add to the experience

Alien: Isolation’s attention to detail extends to its visual effects. The game’s lighting creates multilayered shadows that provide perfect hiding spots for the xenomorph. Additionally, the incorporation of depth-of-field effects when using the motion tracker adds to the suspenseful gameplay. Paying careful attention to your surroundings is crucial, as the alien can easily catch you off guard if you’re not vigilant. The game also realistically portrays the adjustment to low light, adding to the immersion.

Alien: Isolation

It is scary as hell

Alien: Isolation is a true survival horror experience. While Amanda will eventually acquire weapons, the focus of the game is not on gunplay. The game thrives on tension and the fear of being hunted by the alien. Players need to strategize, using cover and hiding spots to avoid detection. The unpredictability of the alien’s behavior adds to the intensity, keeping players on edge throughout their playthroughs. This return to the roots of the Alien franchise creates a sense of fear and vulnerability that has been missing from recent games.

As the release of Alien: Isolation approaches, fans can finally look forward to a game that captures the essence of the original film. With its dedication to authenticity, unique gameplay mechanics, and terrifying atmosphere, Alien: Isolation promises to be an unforgettable experience.


Q: What is Alien: Isolation?
A: Alien: Isolation is a survival horror game developed by Creative Assembly, inspired by the original Alien film directed by Ridley Scott.

Q: Who is the main character in Alien: Isolation?
A: The main character is Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the iconic Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise.

Q: Can you fight the alien in Alien: Isolation?
A: While the player will have access to weapons and traps, the emphasis is on survival and stealth rather than direct combat.

Q: Is Alien: Isolation a shooter game?
A: No, Alien: Isolation focuses more on survival horror gameplay, creating tension and fear throughout the experience.


Alien: Isolation has the potential to be the Alien game that fans have been waiting for. With its homage to the original film, innovative gameplay mechanics, and immersive atmosphere, Creative Assembly has taken a refreshing approach to the franchise. As the countdown to release begins, anticipation grows for a game that finally captures the essence of the Alien universe and delivers a truly terrifying experience. Wqaindia is excited to bring you further updates on this thrilling game.

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