Thursday, 16 May 2024

The Exciting New LoL Skarner Rework: A Fresh Perspective

A lot of time has passed since the anticipation for the Skarner rework began, leaving many players eager for updates. Finally, the new dev blog titled “Searching for Skarner’s Sting” has shed light on the exciting changes coming to the champion.

Skarner’s Captivating Narrative/Backstory

The Riot narrative team has taken a bold approach in reimagining Skarner’s lore. Instead of the loner scorpion defending his species, the Brackern, from outer enemies, Skarner’s backstory has taken a drastic turn. Now, the Brackerns are portrayed as ancestral elemental beings, masters of the Earth axiom. Skarner, once associated with Shurima, is now tied to the region of Elementalists, Ixtal. This shift in narrative showcases Skarner as a revered protector and a central figure in Ixtal history.

Skarner Brackern

Aesthetically Pleasing Art for the New Skarner

Riot’s focus for Skarner’s new direction revolved around three main elements: Scorpions, Crystals, and a Heroic Archetype. While the Scorpion essence remained important, the integration of Crystals proved to be challenging. Therefore, Crystals are now omitted from the new Skarner rework. The concept art for the new Skarner showcases the captivating visual redesign.

Skarner New Model

Regarding Skarner’s Heroic Archetype, Riot TheBravoRay mentioned, “He’s not just a monster who kills everything in sight. We sort of had a ‘King Kong’ vibe—someone who wants to be left alone but will protect his territory with extreme prejudice if needed.” This new direction gives Skarner an entirely different feel, focusing on his role as an ancestral scorpion defender.

Engaging Gameplay Changes – No More Crystals and an Impactful Ultimate

In terms of gameplay, the new Skarner rework introduces significant changes. To accentuate Skarner’s fantasy of defending from intruders, his ultimate ability, Impale, will have an Area of Effect (AoE) effect. To balance this power, Impale will be turned into a skillshot with a short cast time, and the ultimate’s duration will be reduced.

Skarner new Ult

While no further details about his gameplay have been revealed, Riot Llama did share some ideas that didn’t make the final cut. These included a Venom-based kit, Hextech Crystal abilities, the introduction of baby Brackerns called Skarnerlings, and a Carapace Transformation ability. Although these concepts didn’t make it, they reflect Riot’s dedication to exploring unique possibilities for Skarner.

Release Date of the New Skarner Rework

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmed release date for the Skarner rework. However, while Riot works diligently on bringing the new Scorpion to life, you can still enjoy playing the current version of Skarner. In the meantime, you can explore our Skarner Mobafire Guides to enhance your gameplay experience.


  1. When will the new Skarner rework be released?
    The release date for the Skarner rework has not been announced yet. Stay tuned for updates from Riot Games.

  2. What changes can we expect in Skarner’s gameplay?
    Skarner’s gameplay will undergo significant adjustments, including turning his ultimate ability into an AoE skillshot with a reduced duration. More details will be revealed soon.

  3. What happened to the Crystals in Skarner’s rework?
    The integration of Crystals proved challenging in Skarner’s new direction, and therefore, they will no longer be a part of the champion’s design.


The new Skarner rework brings exciting changes to the champion’s lore, aesthetics, and gameplay. With a captivating narrative shift, an enticing visual redesign, and impactful gameplay alterations, Skarner is set to captivate players in a whole new way. Stay tuned for more updates on the release date and further details on the rework. Embrace the power of the scorpion defender and experience the thrill of the new Skarner.