Thursday, 16 May 2024

10 Insights from a Madden 17 Designer

Madden 17

Welcome to Wqaindia! Today, we have an exclusive interview with Clint Oldenburg, a former NFL lineman and one of the designers behind the new Madden 17 game. We’ll dive into the details, discussing both significant and minor aspects of this highly anticipated title.

Analytics and Madden’s Player Ratings

Can analytics replace traditional player ratings in Madden?

Without discounting analytics, Madden focuses on tangible attributes such as size, speed, and strength to differentiate players effectively. While websites like Pro Football Focus provide valuable insights, Madden rates players based on in-game performance. This ensures that the game mechanics align with our vision, providing an optimal gaming experience.

Accessibility Features in Madden

Is making the game accessible a priority for Madden?

Absolutely! As Madden evolves and becomes more intricate, we recognize the need to onboard newcomers effectively. Our goal is to provide intuitive tutorials for any new features we introduce, ensuring that even casual fans can enjoy the game to its fullest.

Learning from New Features

Can hardcore fans benefit from features designed for casual fans?

Definitely! Take, for example, the ball carrier mechanics in Madden 17. We’ve introduced different settings like auto, assist, and manual, each catered to specific skill levels. By starting with the auto or assist setting, hardcore fans can gradually master the mechanics and seamlessly transition to more challenging modes like all-pro and all-madden.

The Future of Madden: Story Mode and Game Engine

Will Madden introduce a story mode like FIFA? Are there plans to adopt the Frostbite engine?

While Madden is exploring the possibility of a story mode, no official announcements have been made yet. As for the game engine, we are moving towards having all EA games on the same engine, but we cannot provide a specific timeline for implementation.

The Most Popular Mode in Madden

What is the most popular mode in Madden?

Currently, Madden Ultimate Team has gained significant popularity over the past three years. However, franchise mode remains a favorite among players, with dedicated fans logging in daily and staying engaged throughout the year.

Balancing Support and Innovation

How do you balance supporting the game post-launch while meeting the evolving needs of players?

Managing expectations across various player groups is undoubtedly challenging. Fortunately, Madden has dedicated teams for different areas, allowing us to address these needs individually. We strive to deliver an immersive and authentic experience, considering the diverse preferences of tournament players, casual fans, franchise enthusiasts, and simulation gamers.

Unimplemented Features and Future Plans

Are there any features that didn’t make it into Madden 17 but could be included in future releases?

As game designers, we always have a multitude of ideas. Some features, like the highly requested defensive assignments and online team play, weren’t feasible this time due to time and resource limitations. However, we value community feedback and strive to incorporate desired features in the future.

Improvements in Gameplay Mechanics

How do defensive players respond when the quarterback scrambles?

In Madden 17, we have made improvements to passing plays. Defensive linemen now possess better disengage angles and have enhanced protection logic, allowing them to anticipate the quarterback’s movement and pull away from blockers more efficiently. Coverage players follow pattern-matching rules, reducing late-open opportunities. Additionally, the playmaker mechanic has been adjusted to ensure balance and realistic gameplay.

NFL Trends and Madden’s Future

What real-world NFL trends will influence future Madden games?

We anticipate a rise in the spread offense trend, with more quarterbacks emerging from high school and college without experience under center. The game will continue to embrace athleticism, speed, and a hurry-up style of play. Furthermore, player safety regulations established by the NFL will also shape the future of Madden, as the game maintains compliance with the evolving rules.


Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey with Clint Oldenburg, one of the designers behind Madden 17. We hope you’ve gained valuable insights into the game’s development process and its exciting features. Stay tuned to Wqaindia for more updates and news on the world of gaming!


  • Will Madden introduce a story mode like FIFA?
    Madden is considering a story mode but has not made any official announcements yet.

  • Are there any features that didn’t make it into Madden 17 but could be included in future releases?
    Madden has a backlog of ideas and desires to implement certain features like defensive assignments and online team play in the future.

  • What is the most popular mode in Madden?
    Currently, Madden Ultimate Team has the most users, but franchise mode remains highly popular among dedicated players.

  • Will Madden move to the Frostbite engine?
    Madden aims to have all EA games on the same engine but cannot confirm a specific timeline or release date.

  • How does Madden balance supporting the game post-launch while meeting the evolving needs of players?
    Different teams within Madden handle each aspect individually, ensuring support and innovation are prioritized effectively.