Friday, 17 May 2024

Everything to know about TFT Set 10: Remix Rumble

Runeterra Reforged is reaching its conclusion, and with it, the year comes to an end. Despite the great moments and game-changing mechanics of Set 9.5 – Horizonbound, the Legends balancing in the final weeks proved to be challenging. However, let’s set aside those thoughts and prepare ourselves for the TFT Vegas Open on December 8th, where we will dive into the brand new TFT set, Remix Rumble.

What is Remix Rumble?

Remix Rumble is the latest and tenth set in the Teamfight Tactics series. The theme of this set revolves around Music. It features a massive festival where the best Bands and Soloists representing various genres come together in Convergence, the biggest concert of all. The focal point of Set 10 is undoubtedly the music. Each band (Origin) has a unique sound that mirrors the genre it represents (for example, Pentakill sounds like Metal). Additionally, combining different origins will generate unique blends of sounds, enabling players to create their own themes and powerful compositions. More details about the music can be found in the Music section below.

When is Teamfight Tactics Set 10 expected to be released?

Remix Rumble is already available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). If you have an account on the test server, you can try it out now. As for the official release, Teamfight Tactics Set 10 – Remix Rumble will go live on Wednesday, November 21st, alongside Patch 13.23. Just like in every set, there are a few top-performing TFT compositions on the PBE server that will be the best ones to try out on day one.

Let’s now delve into the featured mechanics of the set.

Headliners – Chosen are back! – TFT Set 10

Headliners, the new form of Chosen, are making their way into Remix Rumble. When you purchase a Headliner, it automatically becomes a 2-star unit and grants you an additional trait. However, Headliners cost three times the usual amount. Each Headliner has a unique effect tied to specific units. For instance, Yorick summons two extra Zombies (and the bigger Zombie deals extra damage). In most cases, Headliners provide increased stats such as HP and AP. A list detailing all the Headliner effects for each unit can be found here.

Unlike Chosen from FATES, Remix Rumble introduces a set of mechanics that ensure Headliners are both satisfying to play and balanced. This is particularly important to prevent players from easily acquiring 3-star 4-cost units, which could result in an unbalanced game. The size of the champion pool has been reduced to avoid an excessive number of 3-star units. Moreover, Headliners are easier to obtain. If you don’t have a Headliner on your board, they will appear in every shop. Once you acquire one, you’ll see a Headliner in your shop every four rounds. This system is more lenient compared to the Set 4 Chosen mechanic, which heavily relied on RNG and caused frustration among players.

Mix your beats like a DJ in Remix Rumble Set 10

In addition to each Origin having unique tracks, you can create a medley of beats and genres by combining different band traits. To ensure a coherent mix and prevent chaos, a system is in place. For instance, if you’re into Metal, you can add Pentakill units to your composition to achieve that desired sound. By adding Maestro and Jhin to the mix, you can create a violin solo accompanied by Metal drums and riffs in each round.

There are endless possibilities for combining traits and creating your unique beats and compositions. To get a sneak peek of the music in Remix Rumble, you can check out this video showcasing the intro music for each band.

Apart from Origins and Classes, there are a wide variety of traits available in Remix Rumble. Here are a few of them: 8-Bit, Maestro, Country, Mixmaster, EDM, Emo, Disco, Hyperpop, ILLBeats, Jazz, K/DA, Pentakill, Heartsteel, Punk, True Damage, and Wildcard. These traits offer various advantages and synergies that players can experiment with to create powerful compositions. A more detailed summary of the traits can be found here.


Remix Rumble introduces a wide range of unique and fascinating units. From funky and depressive to master improvisers, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, you can refer to our TFT Set 10 guide for more information on the units.

Here’s a breakdown of the units by cost:

  • 1 Cost:

    • Emo Annie
    • Annie (Emo, Spellweaver)
    • Corki (8-bit, Big Shot)
    • Evelynn (K/DA, Crowd Diver)
    • Jinx (Punk, Rapidfire)
    • K’Sante (Heartsteel, Sentinel)
    • Kennen (True Damage, Superfan, Guardian)
    • Lillia (K/DA, Superfan, Sentinel)
    • Nami (Disco, Dazzler)
    • Olaf (Pentakill, Bruiser)
    • Tahm Kench (Country, Bruiser)
    • Taric (Disco, Guardian)
    • Vi (Punk, Mosher)
    • Yasuo (True Damage, Edgelord)
  • 2 Cost:

    • Aphelios (Heartsteel, Rapidfire)
    • Bard (Jazz, Dazzler)
    • Garen (8-bit, Sentinel)
    • Gnar (Pentakill, Superfan, Mosher)
    • Gragas (Disco, Spellweaver, Bruiser)
    • Jax (EDM, Mosher)
    • Kai’Sa (K/DA, Big Shot)
    • Katarina (Country, Crowd Diver)
    • Kayle (Pentakill, Edgelord)
    • Pantheon (Punk, Guardian)
    • Senna (True Damage, Rapidfire)
    • Seraphine (K/DA, Spellweaver)
    • Twitch (Punk, Executioner)
  • 3 Cost:

    • Amumu (Emo, Guardian)
    • Ekko (True Damage, Spellweaver, Sentinel)
    • Lulu (Hyperpop, Spellweaver)
    • Lux (EDM, Dazzler)
    • Miss Fortune (Jazz, Big Shot)
    • Mordekaiser (Pentakill, Sentinel)
    • Neeko (K/DA, Superfan, Guardian)
    • Riven (8-bit, Edgelord)
    • Samira (Country, Executioner)
    • Sett (Heartsteel, Bruiser, Mosher)
    • Urgot (Country, Mosher)
    • Vex (Emo, Executioner)
    • Yone (Heartsteel, Edgelord, Crowd Diver)
  • 4 Cost:

    • Ahri (K/DA, Spellweaver)
    • Akali (True Damage, Executioner, Breakout)
    • Akali (K/DA, Executioner, Breakout)
    • Blitzcrank (Disco, Sentinel)
    • Caitlyn (8-bit, Rapidfire)
    • Ezreal (Heartsteel, Big Shot)
    • Karthus (Pentakill, Executioner)
    • Poppy (Emo, Mosher)
    • Thresh (Country, Guardian)
    • Twisted Fate (Disco, Dazzler)
    • Viego (Pentakill, Edgelord)
    • Zac (EDM, Bruiser)
    • Zed (EDM, Crowd Diver)
  • 5 Cost:

    • Illaoi (ILLBEATS, Bruiser)
    • Jhin (Maestro, Big Shot)
    • Kayn (Heartsteel, Edgelord, Wildcard)
    • Lucian (Jazz, Rapidfire)
    • Qiyana (True Damage, Crowd Diver)
    • Sona (Mixmaster, Spellweaver)
    • Yorick (Pentakill, Mosher, Guardian)
    • Ziggs (Hyperpop, Dazzler)

It’s worth noting that Big Shot compositions are performing well on the PBE. For more detailed information on TFT compositions, keep an eye out for our comprehensive guide coming to MOBAFire this Friday, the 17th.

System Changes coming for Remix Rumble – TFT Set 10

Each new set introduces quality-of-life changes to improve the game further. Remix Rumble brings several neat changes that you should be aware of before diving in.

The first notable change is the removal of Legends. Although Legends were a strong aspect of Runeterra Reforged, their variance made balancing extremely difficult. This was evident in the World Championship, where many players resorted to using Urf to gain the Verticals traits and secure victory. To address this issue, Legends have been completely removed from Set 10. However, they may return in future sets in a different form.

Additionally, two items have undergone changes in Remix Rumble. Rapid Firecannon has been removed due to its lackluster performance on most frontline units. Red Buff, on the other hand, has been reintroduced with modifications. Instead of granting extra range, it now provides a 1% max health burn and a 33% Wound effect, which reduces healing. This change aims to assist AD compositions without access to Sunfire Cape or Morellonomicon.

The system changes are not limited to items. Leveling has also been adjusted to accommodate the maximum level of 10, and the experience required to level up has been reduced across the board. Shop Odds have been tweaked to make it more challenging to find higher-cost units. For example, the odds of finding a 4-cost unit at level 7 have been reduced from 15% to 10%. These changes discourage the popular strategy of rolling for 4-cost units at the 4-1 stage. Instead, players are encouraged to rush to level 8 in the early stages to obtain 4-cost Headliners. To avoid an overwhelming number of 3-star units, the champion pool size has been reduced for all costs.

Lastly, the PBE is currently experimenting with changes to Stage Damage. Emerald tier has been added to Ranked, and adjustments to LP decay have been made. For more details, you can refer to TFT’s Official Article here.

Cosmetics – Chibi, Maps, Mini Legends, and more

Remix Rumble brings a plethora of new and exciting cosmetics. It’s safe to say that this set shines in terms of cosmetics, making it one of the best sets in this aspect. Throughout the four months of the set, we can expect to see a wide variety of new Legends and Chibis. Additionally, the Treasure Realm is reintroducing Chibis from previous sets, making it a paradise for avid collectors. Not to be forgotten, the K/DA Arena also makes a stunning appearance.


Portals are making a return in Remix Rumble, albeit in a more controlled version. Players can still access the Scuttle Puddle for extra loot, but the overall mechanics have been toned down.


With Remix Rumble, you can expect to see a plethora of spicy new Augments. In addition to new ones, there are major changes to the Augments from previous sets. Some examples of the new Augments include Cybernetic Uplink, DO IT FOR THE FANS, and SEARCH. Hero Augments, however, will not be making a return in Set 10. The new Headliner mechanics provide additional power to compensate for the removal of Hero Augments.

There are over 100 new Augments in Remix Rumble, offering more possibilities and diverse gameplay. Each Augment has its own reroll and is available in Silver, Gold, and Prismatic versions.

With Set 10 approaching, and the Las Vegas Open just around the corner, we can look forward to a wealth of TFT content in the coming weeks. If you’re still playing ranked and want to climb quickly before the set wraps up, be sure to check out our best TFT Comps for Patch 13.23. Stay tuned for more information and enjoy the exciting journey through Remix Rumble!