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Alien: Isolation: A Thrilling Game That Redefines the Alien Franchise

Alien: Isolation

Earlier this year, I had the chance to play Alien: Isolation for the first time. The demo left me wanting more, and I was excited to delve into the full game. In this article, I’ll share my experience and discuss why I believe The Creative Assembly has created a game that could redeem the Alien franchise.

A Slow Burn That Builds Tension

Before playing Alien: Isolation, I rewatched the original Alien film to refresh my memory. I was struck by the film’s slow pacing, where tension builds gradually. Alien: Isolation captures this methodical approach and creates a similar sense of suspense. The opening hours of the game focus on exploring and learning about the Sevastopol station. As Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, you navigate a spaceport in search of the flight recorder from the lost Nostromo. The game immerses you in the atmosphere and gradually introduces the unfriendly presence lurking on the station.

Meaningful Encounters with Survivors

Aliens: Colonial Marines failed in its execution of introducing enemy humans to the game. They were faceless foes that lacked depth and reduced the game to repetitive firefights. Alien: Isolation takes a different approach by carefully distributing encounters with other survivors. The remaining staff on Sevastopol is wary of your presence, leading to tense interactions. The best strategy is to avoid conflict whenever possible, as engaging in gunfights only attracts more danger. This shift in gameplay mechanics adds to the intensity and realism of the experience.

Alien: Isolation

Stealth with Room for Error

Alien: Isolation is primarily a stealth game, but it allows room for mistakes. To survive, you must carefully observe your enemies and take advantage of opportunities to slip by unnoticed. While you may not have the means to engage in direct confrontations initially, there are always alternative options. You can divert attention by using distractions or seek refuge in shadowy areas or service tunnels. If forced into a confrontation, weapons can be employed strategically, but engaging the alien head-on is a fatal mistake. Resource management and strategic decision-making are crucial to survival.

Multiple Paths and Unique Experiences

When playing Alien: Isolation, I discovered that personal playstyles significantly impact the gameplay experience. Despite following a linear sequence, individual choices and approaches result in different outcomes. For example, I preferred using distractions to navigate around enemies, while others may opt for a more aggressive playstyle. Additionally, the game offers hidden paths and alternative routes, allowing for personal exploration and unique stories to share with friends.


Q: When does Alien: Isolation release?

Alien: Isolation is set to release on October 7.

Q: Is Alien: Isolation the only game featured on the cover of the latest issue?

No, Alien: Isolation is one of two games showcased on the cover of the latest issue. The hub provides a month of features on the game and horror games in general.


Alien: Isolation stands out as a thrilling and immersive game that captures the essence of the Alien franchise. With its slow burn suspense, meaningful encounters, and freedom to strategize, it offers a unique experience for both fans of the series and newcomers. Stay tuned for the release of Alien: Isolation on October 7 and get ready to embark on a suspenseful journey aboard the Sevastopol station.

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