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24 Tips to Master Spider-Man: The Ultimate Guide

Spider-Man is a thrilling open-world game that offers a plethora of exciting activities. Whether you’re swinging through the city or engaging in combat, there’s something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with essential tips and tricks to navigate this immersive experience. So, let’s dive in and become the ultimate Spider-Man!

The Best Way to Handle Side Activities

When you start playing Spider-Man, you may feel compelled to collect all the backpacks scattered around the city. However, we recommend taking your time and not rushing through this task. As you progress in the game, side activities become more combat-focused, making them more enjoyable later on. So, save some of the diversionary stuff like backpacks, landmarks, and Black Cat missions for the later stages.

Don’t Sleep on City Crimes

Random city crimes are an exciting side activity that you shouldn’t ignore. While you don’t have to tackle them immediately, completing a couple of them after every story mission is highly recommended. As the story unfolds, more random crimes are added to each district. By dealing with them gradually, you prevent a backlog of 10 to 20 crimes when aiming for 100-percent game completion.

Don’t Ignore the Secondary Objectives

When combating city crimes, pay attention to the secondary objectives. After stopping a random crime, press R3 to see how you should approach each battle. These objectives are usually simple tasks, such as launching three criminals into the air. Completing them rewards additional valuable bonuses.

Mastering City Traversal

To make web-swinging across the city as efficient as possible, invest in the Point Launch Boost and Quick Recovery skills early on. These moves help maintain momentum and are crucial for achieving gold medals in Taskmaster’s challenges.

The Fastest Way to Swing

While you can comfortably swing across the city by pressing R2, there’s a faster method for covering ground. By mastering the web zip (X button) and point launch (R2 and L2 followed by X), you can propel Spidey forward with incredible speed. Although the point launch may take some practice, mastering it allows you to traverse the city swiftly. A great place to practice is on a well-lit, lengthy street with poles.

Grind Experience Points

If you enjoy web-swinging and want to level up faster, invest in the Air Tricks skill early on. Each time you perform a trick, you earn experience points. With a single swing, you can accumulate 10 to 14 points. Over time, these points add up, and you’ll reach level 50 well before the game’s conclusion.

Mastering Combat Basics

Spider-Man’s combat may seem extensive, but it can be broken down into four key strategies: comboing, evasion, air combat, and gadgets. Combos, performed with the square button, are excellent for clearing space and keeping enemies at bay. Evade often to create safe combat areas and avoid enemy attacks. In air combat, focus on launching enemies into the air to create openings and extend your combos. Gadgets, such as the electric webs or web bombs, can be used strategically to gain an advantage in battles.

Act on Spider-Sense Every Time

Whenever Spider-Man’s spider-sense warns of an imminent threat, act on it immediately. Don’t underestimate the danger and try to finish off a foe before addressing the spider-sense. It’s better to evade and then resume your assault. This approach allows you to maintain longer combos and ensures your safety in most battles.

Begin With a Ground Strike

If you have the opportunity, start a combat encounter with a ground strike. When diving into combat from a decent height, use the ground strike skill (square and X buttons simultaneously) to stun enemies in the area. This move can even knock some foes down. If you’re quick, you can web up the downed enemies with a web bomb, taking them out of the equation permanently.

Heal While Combating

Make it a habit to tap down on the d-pad whenever your health falls below 50 percent. Some enemies can deplete a large portion of your health with a single shot, so keeping your health meter filled is crucial. If you’re in danger of death, perform a quick combo on an easy opponent to heal. You can heal at any point during combat, even in mid-air combo sequences by pressing down on the d-pad.

Timing Finishers and Healing

While it may be tempting to use a finisher to take down a challenging foe in one hit, prioritize your health. Both finishers and healing consume the same focus meter. If you use a finisher, you may be left without enough focus to heal. Only use finishers when your health is good or towards the end of a battle.

Use Enemy Fire to Your Advantage

Spider-Man doesn’t kill, but he can use enemy fire to his advantage. If an enemy with a weapon has you in their sights, you can slide through another foe’s legs or flip behind them to redirect the gunfire towards the enemy. This technique requires practice but can be a game-changer, especially in larger battles.

Master the Perfect Dodge

Perfect Dodge and Dodge Window are essential combat skills. If you time it right, a perfect dodge instantly stuns an enemy, setting them up for an easy takedown. This maneuver is especially effective against larger enemies when you’re not relying on gadgets.

Creative Webbing & Wall Interactions

Pay attention to your surroundings and utilize webbing and walls creatively. If a troublesome enemy is near a wall, a well-placed web bomb can take them down in one hit as they get pulled onto the wall. Additionally, bouncing off walls is an effective way to create space in larger conflicts.

Prioritize Towers & Vehicles

When dealing with Sable forces, prioritize their watchtowers and automated turret-equipped vehicles. Use webbing to bring down the watchtowers and remove the turrets. These stationary targets deal substantial damage and can be challenging to handle. By eliminating them first, you can then focus on the enemies with ease.

Optimal Combat Gadgets

Among the combat gadgets, suspended matrix followed by a web bomb is a devastating combo. Place the suspended matrix in a crowd of enemies to elevate a few or almost a dozen foes. When the matrix expires, most of them will land on their backs, leaving them vulnerable to the web bomb, which can pin them immediately. For stealth situations, use trip mines to take out two enemies simultaneously, and impact web to neutralize individual foes. Spider drones are also handy at the beginning of a fight.

How to Earn Challenge Tokens?

In the early stages of the game, you won’t encounter challenge tokens. They become available once you progress further and unlock Taskmaster missions. To earn challenge tokens, you must perform well in these missions and achieve a bronze, silver, or gold rating, each rewarding you with one, two, or three tokens, respectively.

The Easiest Way to Earn Challenge Tokens

Taskmaster’s stealth and drone missions require patience and precise execution to achieve higher rankings. The easiest and most entertaining missions are the combat exercises. So, if you’re looking to earn challenge tokens without too many difficulties, focus on the combat challenges.

Mastering Stealth

For standard missions, use light poles as your stealth advantage. Pressing square while perched on a light pole allows you to easily take down unsuspecting enemies. Most environments have an abundance of poles for you to utilize. In Taskmaster’s stealth challenges, the traditional stealth web technique may be too slow. Instead, use light poles and similar spaces to perform one-hit takedowns by pressing triangle. Although this technique leaves you vulnerable, you can quickly return to your vantage point or find another perch for further stealth action.

Taskmaster Drone Races

During drone races, the drones show you the perfect path and hint at the required move. Pay attention to orbs along walls, which indicate wall running, and orbs above objects, which indicate point launches. Make use of your web dash and dive as much as possible to accelerate, as every second counts.

Taskmaster Bomb Challenges

Bomb challenges require you to disable bombs in three locations throughout the city. To complete them swiftly, utilize point launches and web zips to reach each bomb quickly. When close to a bomb, use L2 and R3 to focus on it and then press L1 and R1 as soon as you land. This technique allows Spider-Man to zip directly to the bomb and disarm it efficiently.

The Best Suit Configuration for Combat Challenges

The Stark Suit from Spider-Man Homecoming is a valuable unlock early in the game. With this suit equipped, you gain the Spider-Bro drone companion, which shocks random enemies during combat encounters. Spider-Bro is a game-changer, stunning multiple foes at once and helping you build bigger combos. For general combat, the Web Blossom suit power (Classic Suit – Repaired) is excellent for thinning out large crowds. Equip Gel Padding and Ballistic Inserts as mods to reduce the damage taken. Additionally, use Bio Mesh to maintain longer combo strings.

Newspaper Machines and Twitter

While not crucial to your gameplay, interacting with the Daily Bugle newspaper dispensers scattered around the city offers an interesting perspective on Spider-Man’s actions. You can also access Spider-Man’s Twitter feed by pressing the square button in the game’s menu. This feed provides amusing banter and observations throughout your journey.

Discover Secret Landmarks

During your playthrough, you may stumble upon secret landmarks. Instead of feeling compelled to take photos of everything, you’ll eventually unlock a proximity sensor suit mod. This mod highlights secret locations when you’re within a block or two of them. They won’t be visible on your map from a distance, so keep a keen eye out as you explore the city.


Q: When should I collect backpacks and complete side activities?
A: It’s best to save some of the fun side activities like backpacks, landmarks, and Black Cat missions for the later stages of the game. Focus on progressing through the story before diving into these activities.

Q: How can I earn challenge tokens?
A: Challenge tokens become available as you progress in the game and unlock Taskmaster missions. To earn challenge tokens, perform well in these missions and achieve high ratings.

Q: What suit configuration is recommended for combat challenges?
A: The Stark Suit from Spider-Man Homecoming is highly recommended for combat challenges. Its Spider-Bro drone companion can stun multiple enemies, allowing you to build larger combos.


With these tips and strategies, you’re well on your way to becoming the ultimate Spider-Man. Whether you’re swinging through the city, engaging in combat, or completing side activities, make the most of your abilities and enjoy the thrilling adventure. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

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