Friday, 21 Jun 2024

A Boy and His Blob: A Remake Worth Exploring

Boy and Blob

Are you a fan of 2D platformers or do you have fond memories of the original 1989 NES title, A Boy and His Blob? The recent remake of this classic game has garnered attention from both longtime fans and newcomers alike. In this article, we will take a closer look at this reimagined version and discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and what makes it worth playing.

A Familiar Journey with a Fresh Appeal

At its core, A Boy and His Blob remains true to its original concept – a young boy and his newfound blob friend embarking on a quest across the universe to save blob-kind. The storyline remains simple yet captivating, placing the spotlight on the ingenious gameplay that takes center stage. One of the key mechanics is the ability of the blob to transform into 15 unique objects by consuming jelly beans, each with its own distinct properties, such as the Licorice Ladder or the Tangerine Trampoline. These transformations offer fresh perspectives and add depth to the platforming experience.

Mastering Skills and Overcoming Challenges

The developers at WayForward have done an excellent job in gradually introducing players to the ever-evolving skill set of the characters. Through signs and simple scenarios, they provide just the right amount of challenge to encourage players to think creatively and adapt their problem-solving strategies. As you progress, new obstacles and forms for the blob are introduced, constantly testing your abilities and keeping the gameplay engaging and exciting.

A Bounty of Content and Exploration

With a whopping 40 levels to conquer, A Boy and His Blob offers players an extensive amount of gameplay. Each level is also home to three treasure chests, collecting them all gives you access to a challenging bonus level. The hidden chests throughout the game add an extra layer of exploration and enhance the replayability. The value for your money is undeniable, as the game provides hours of entertainment and surprises.

A Few Hurdles along the Way

While the graphics, music, and endearing characters contribute to the overall charm of the game, there are some drawbacks worth mentioning. The puzzles in A Boy and His Blob are cleverly designed, but at times they can become frustratingly difficult. Perfectly timed jumps and precise trajectories are required to progress, leading to numerous attempts and potential frustration. Additionally, the controls, especially during flight segments, can feel a bit twitchy, adding to the difficulty. However, the forgiving save system helps alleviate some of the frustration, and taking breaks when needed can make all the difference.


In spite of its occasional challenges, A Boy and His Blob remains an irresistibly enchanting game. Its lush environments, lovable characters, and the heartwarming hug button offer a delightful experience that is hard to resist. After putting down the controller, it’s difficult not to look back on this game with a smile. Whether you have nostalgic memories or are simply looking for a captivating platformer, A Boy and His Blob is a remake that should not be missed.


How many levels are there in A Boy and His Blob?

There are a total of 40 levels in the game, providing ample content for players to enjoy.

Are there any hidden treasures in the game?

Yes, each level contains three hidden treasure chests. Finding them all unlocks a challenging bonus level and enhances the replayability of the game.

Can the difficulty of the game be frustrating?

While some puzzles can be challenging, a forgiving save system allows players to try again without losing progress. Taking breaks when needed and approaching the game with a clear mind can help overcome any frustrations encountered.

Is A Boy and His Blob suitable for players new to the series?

Absolutely! The remake is a great entry point for newcomers, combining the nostalgia of the original with enhanced production values and a captivating gameplay experience.