Friday, 17 May 2024

An Open Letter to Silent Hill: Embracing the Series’ Roots for a Thrilling Future


As a dedicated fan of the Silent Hill series, I can’t help but express my concern about the recent direction the games have taken. While I understand the need for innovation, I believe it’s important to stay true to the elements that made the series so captivating. In this letter, I want to explore some of the changes that have been made and propose a way forward that could revive the series and bring back its chilling atmosphere.

Losing Grip on the Terrifying Unknown

Silent Hill used to be a series that made my heart race with every step into the unknown fog. However, in recent years, I feel like the series has lost its grip on me. The shift towards action gameplay in titles like Homecoming took away the everyman protagonist that made the experience relatable and thrilling. I miss the characters’ shaky aim and the constant dilemma of whether to fight or run. The survival horror genre is all about transporting ourselves into terrifying situations, and Silent Hill used to excel at that.

Straying from the Suspense

In an attempt to change things up, Silent Hill released Shattered Memories, a game that removed combat entirely. While the psychological analysis in the game was commendable, it lacked the suspense that combat brought to the table. Additionally, the Wii controls provided more frustration than frenzy. Despite this, the game did introduce innovative player choices, which I believe should be embraced in future titles.

The Closest to the Roots

Silent Hill: Downpour came close to capturing the essence of the series. It brought back some of the unique foes that symbolize the deeper meaning of the games. However, certain aspects fell flat, including poor controls, a lack of jump-scares, and a diminished sense of terror compared to previous entries. To truly revive the series, it’s crucial to bring back the smothering atmosphere that Silent Hill is known for.

A Departure from Solitude

While I haven’t played Book of Memories, it’s difficult to be optimistic about a multiplayer experience in a series that thrives on capturing solitude. The concept feels out of place and detracts from the core essence of Silent Hill. To reignite the series’ prominence, a return to its roots is necessary.

The Power of Remaking the Classics

To recapture the magic of Silent Hill, I propose considering a complete remake of one of its older titles — specifically, Silent Hill 2. This particular game already showcased some of the best use of sound in the series, with moments of pure silence amplifying the tension. Imagine experiencing that immersive atmosphere with enhanced surround sound technology.

Moreover, updating the controls to be more fluid and user-friendly would attract a new audience. Silent Hill 2’s iconic plot twist is also worth sharing with a wider audience. A remake would allow developers to revisit what made the game a cult hit while embracing modern gaming standards. While the HD remake was a step in the right direction, it fell short for Xbox 360 users. A complete remake could rectify this.

Embracing Fear and Paranoia

My intention with this letter is not to see one of my favorite series vanish, but rather to encourage its evolution in a way that both embraces its roots and introduces new and exciting elements. Silent Hill has the potential to resurrect the traditional survival horror genre, provided that it strikes a balance between its original vision and innovative gameplay. I long for the days when every corner held a sense of fear and paranoia, and I believe there is still room for Silent Hill to deliver those scares.


Q: Will Silent Hill ever return to its former glory?
A: While the future is uncertain, there is hope that Silent Hill can recapture its prominence through a remake that embraces its roots and innovates in meaningful ways. The power to revive the series lies in the hands of the developers and the dedicated fanbase.

Q: What other innovations could be brought into new Silent Hill games?
A: Aside from capturing suspense and terror, exploring new psychological analysis elements and player choice mechanics could be promising directions for future Silent Hill titles.


Silent Hill, as a brand, has the potential to regain its status as a beacon of survival horror gaming. By taking a step back and revisiting the elements that made the series so beloved, while also embracing modern gaming advancements, Silent Hill can once again terrify and captivate its audience. It’s my hope that this open letter creates a dialogue and inspires the developers to consider a remake that honors the series’ legacy and delivers a truly haunting experience. Let us all eagerly await a bright future for Silent Hill.