Friday, 24 May 2024

Armikrog: A Unique Adventure Game with Room for Improvement


Armikrog is a point-and-click adventure game created by some of the minds behind the cult classic The Neverhood. It successfully raised nearly one million dollars on Kickstarter, drawing in fans eager for a spiritual successor. While the game’s unique art style is captivating and its clay dioramas are visually stunning, Armikrog falls short in several areas, leaving players disappointed. Let’s delve deeper into the strengths and weaknesses of this intriguing title.

A Captivating and Creative World

The world of Armikrog is filled with zany characters and alien landscapes that are a joy to explore. The game’s clay dioramas bring a unique charm and visual appeal to the gameplay. The opening moments showcase the game’s strong points, immersing players in a visually rich environment. However, Armikrog’s flaws quickly become apparent, hindering the overall experience.

Archaic Gameplay Mechanics

Armikrog’s gameplay mechanics harken back to the era of ’90s point-and-click adventures. Unfortunately, this means the game lacks proper explanations of objectives, controls, and character-switching mechanics. Interactable objects are not highlighted or indicated, making it difficult to discern what can be interacted with in the clay-based environment. This lack of clarity is compounded by the absence of an inventory screen, leaving players to rely on trial-and-error in utilizing acquired items. The game’s detection and interaction systems are also inconsistent, leading to frustrating moments of getting stuck.

Repetitive Puzzles and Lackluster Story

The puzzles in Armikrog, with few exceptions, are dull and repetitive. Players encounter variations of the same puzzles multiple times throughout the game, leading to tedium rather than excitement. Furthermore, the story, told primarily through an opening cutscene, lacks depth and fails to develop the main characters. These characters, aside from Beak-Beak, lack personality, leaving players feeling disconnected from their journey. The narrative’s most interesting aspects are relegated to a single room, where players can read a large amount of backstory. This approach feels lazy and fails to integrate the story effectively into the gameplay experience.

Technical Issues and Unfinished Elements

Armikrog suffers from technical issues that mar the overall enjoyment of the game. The use of a standard Windows mouse cursor feels out of place in the visually vibrant and colorful environments. Bugs such as sound effects cutting out, characters appearing in incorrect locations, and inconsistencies between spoken dialogue and subtitles further detract from the experience. In addition, the game lacks a saving or clue-remembering system, forcing players to rely on external means to keep track of important information.


Armikrog’s strengths lie in its visually captivating art style and creative world. However, the game falls short in delivering a satisfying gameplay experience. Archaic mechanics, repetitive puzzles, and a lackluster story all contribute to a less-than-stellar adventure. Technical issues and unfinished aspects further diminish the overall quality. While Armikrog showcases great potential, it ultimately leaves players yearning for more. Pencil Test Studios would benefit from addressing these shortcomings in any potential sequels or future projects.


  1. Q: Where can I play Armikrog?
    A: Armikrog is available on various gaming platforms, including PC, Mac, and Linux.

  2. Q: Does Armikrog have controller support?
    A: No, Armikrog is primarily designed for mouse and keyboard input.

  3. Q: Are there any plans for DLC or expansions for Armikrog?
    A: At this time, there are no announced plans for additional content for Armikrog.

  4. Q: Can I play Armikrog on my mobile device?
    A: Armikrog is not currently available on mobile platforms.

  5. Q: Is there a multiplayer mode in Armikrog?
    A: No, Armikrog is a single-player game.

  6. Q: What age rating does Armikrog have?
    A: Armikrog is rated for all ages and does not contain any explicit content.

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