Monday, 27 May 2024

“Mixed” Opinions on Ivern Midscope Update in LoL Patch 13.10

Ivern, the unique champion in League of Legends, has a special passive that sets him apart from other junglers. Instead of killing jungle minions, he befriends them and sets them free to gain experience and gold. Along with this passive ability, Ivern can create brushes, share camp buffs with allies, give shields that deal damage/slow, and summon a pet named Daisy, who can knock up enemies and tank for the team. However, despite his distinct set of abilities, Ivern’s popularity is not very high, currently boasting a pick rate of only 0.58% – the second lowest in the game.

To address this, Riot announced changes to Ivern in the form of the Midscope Update and Buff sharing, originally scheduled for LoL Patch 13.10. However, due to feedback and bug reports during testing, including issues with clearing camps and negative reactions to nerfs to his shield ability, the release of the update was delayed to LoL Patch 13.11.

Mixed Feelings on Ivern Changes

When the Ivern changes were announced in a dev blog about the Midscope Process & Rell, many people, especially his passionate fanbase, were excited to see the loving tree receive updates. However, once the changes were released in PBE (Public Beta Environment), the initial enthusiasm quickly dissipated. Some players viewed the changes as insignificant or disconnected from the champion’s state, while others considered them unnecessary or even detrimental.

Prominent figures, like streamer, caster, and Ivern enthusiast Nick “LS” De Cesare, expressed their concern that the changes were more of a nerf than an improvement for a champion who was already in a good state. Numerous complaints revolved around the updates failing to address Ivern’s main weakness against counter jungling, as well as the frustratingly short duration of his brushes and a perceived lack of connection to his “Druid” identity.

However, amidst the mixed reception, there were players who found some hidden buffs that could potentially improve Ivern’s gameplay. For instance, the Midscope Update included a dash mechanic for his Rootcaller ability (Q), which enables Ivern to dash 525 units closer to or away from an enemy after hitting them. This newfound mobility provides more versatility for Ivern to escape tricky situations or create new forms of pressure.

Other positive changes include on-hit damage added to his Brushmaker ability (W), the availability of a second copy of his Triggerseed ability (E) shield if it doesn’t damage any champions (which synergizes well with new items), and an interaction between his Daisy ultimate (R) and the Rootcaller ability (Daisy dashes to an enemy targeted by Ivern’s Q), opening up new combo potentials and creative utilization of his ultimate.

A universally welcomed change among players was the addition of Daisy’s knock-up upon arrival. As with previous updates in the PBE, it is important to note that players tend to overreact initially, and their opinions may change once they have a chance to experience the changes in an actual game. This has been the case with previous updates like Neeko Midscope, where players ended up loving the changes they initially criticized.


Q: When will the Ivern Midscope Update be released?
A: The release of the Ivern Midscope Update and Buff sharing has been delayed to LoL Patch 13.11.

Q: What are some hidden buffs included in the Midscope Update for Ivern?
A: The Midscope Update provides Ivern with a dash mechanic for his Rootcaller ability (Q), on-hit damage for his Brushmaker ability (W), the availability of a second copy of his Triggerseed ability (E) shield, and new interaction possibilities between his Daisy ultimate (R) and the Rootcaller ability (Q).


While opinions on the Ivern Midscope Update may be mixed, it is important to give players the opportunity to explore and adapt to the changes. As the Mid Season Invitational approaches, it’s worth remembering that player reactions can be unpredictable, and what may initially seem insignificant or disconnected can end up being embraced and appreciated by the community. Only time will tell how the Ivern Midscope Update will be received once it is released to the wider player base in LoL Patch 13.11.