Monday, 27 May 2024

Atreus Needs A Onesie, And More New-Game Plus Ideas For God Of War

God of War’s reinvention has been widely praised, but fans are eager for a new-game plus feature. While the game already offers a substantial amount of content, starting a new file means losing all the progress and upgrades from the previous playthrough. Many games, including previous God of War titles, incentivize multiple playthroughs with additional content and fun costumes. Let’s explore some ideas that could enhance the replayability of God of War and keep players engaged.

Give Us More Story

Replaying a game can be enjoyable, but experiencing an entirely new story would be even better. Nier: Automata adopted this strategy, introducing new characters, missions, and gameplay possibilities after the initial playthrough. In God of War, it would be fascinating to witness the events from the perspective of Atreus or Baldur. Each character could bring unique combat abilities and insights into the plot. Atreus, for instance, could explore the world further, delving deeper into the lore and learning new languages. Baldur’s fighting style would be perfect for bare-knuckle boxing arenas. Although this may be a far-fetched dream, we can always hope for more content in the future.

Give Us All Our Moves

Games like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta treat the first playthrough as a tutorial, gradually unlocking more moves and abilities. By the end of God of War, Kratos has an extensive arsenal of moves. However, in the early stages of the hardest difficulty, players have limited access to these moves, making encounters tedious and time-consuming. Allowing players to utilize the full moveset against challenging enemies would make subsequent playthroughs more satisfying. Although this may present technical challenges, it’s worth considering to provide a more enjoyable and balanced experience.

Give Us A New Challenge

Dark Souls II, for example, enhanced its new-game plus experience by introducing new challenges, enemy designs, and improved loot. God of War could follow a similar approach by introducing new enemy combinations and unexpected boss encounters. This would require players to adapt their strategies and keep them on their toes throughout the second playthrough. This addition seems feasible and could significantly increase the game’s replay value.

Give Us Weird Stuff

Resident Evil and previous God of War games have delighted players with unlockable costumes and goofy features after completing the game. God of War could embrace this silliness by offering alternative skins and unique effects. Imagine wielding a squeaky rubber mallet instead of the Leviathan Axe or turning enemies into confetti upon defeat. These light-hearted additions would provide players with a fun and whimsical experience. Letting Kratos dress in a suit and tie and putting Atreus in a playful onesie would surely bring a smile to players’ faces.

Give Us Minor Variations

Some games have introduced minor variations to enhance replayability. For instance, the Shadow of the Colossus remake featured a “mirrored world” mode, reversing the entire game and offering a fresh perspective. God of War could explore similar options, such as mirrored levels or new visual filters, to make the second playthrough feel different. Allowing players to skip certain story segments, like a lengthy prologue, could also be a welcome addition. While implementing the ability to skip sections may pose challenges, adding filters and minor variations seems plausible.

God of War has already made a significant impact in the gaming world, but providing additional reasons to revisit the game would extend its legacy. The developers have poured countless hours into creating an immersive world and intricate storyline, making it worthy of multiple playthroughs. So why not don that silly costume and embark on another epic journey alongside Kratos and Atreus?


Q: Can I experience the story from different perspectives in God of War’s new-game plus?
A: Unfortunately, God of War does not currently offer this feature. Players can only play through the story from Kratos’ perspective.

Q: Will there be additional costumes available in God of War’s new-game plus mode?
A: While there is no official confirmation, it’s possible that new costumes will be introduced to enhance the replayability of the game.

Q: Can I unlock new combat abilities in God of War’s new-game plus mode?
A: Currently, God of War’s new-game plus mode does not provide new combat abilities. However, players can still enjoy the full moveset of Kratos, making subsequent playthroughs more satisfying.

Q: Are there any alternative game modes in God of War’s new-game plus?
A: At present, God of War’s new-game plus mode does not feature alternative game modes. However, additional challenges and variations may be introduced in the future to provide players with unique experiences.


God of War has captured the hearts of many players with its compelling story and intense gameplay. While a new-game plus feature would be highly desired, it’s essential to appreciate the immense effort put into creating the game’s world and narrative. Even without extensive additions, God of War offers a thrilling and immersive experience that warrants multiple playthroughs. So grab your controller, embark on another adventure, and embrace the joy of being a mighty god in this beautifully crafted Norse mythology-inspired world. And don’t forget… sometimes a onesie is just what you need!