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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Gearbox, the renowned creator of Borderlands, invites you to embark on a thrilling adventure where you must face off against a horde of xenomorphs as a space marine. This week at E3 2012, I had the opportunity to try out Aliens: Colonial Marines’ multiplayer mode, immersing myself in the blood-soaked boots of a doomed soldier. Although players can’t play as the terrifying aliens just yet, I was able to engage in an intense 6 vs. 6 death match on a brand new map inspired by the iconic colony from the “Aliens” film. Let me share some of my thoughts on the multiplayer experience:

Stick Together for Survival

Marines need to stick together as stragglers are quickly picked off by the relentless xenomorphs. Teamwork is essential for survival.

Trust in the Pulse Rifle

The pulse rifle proves to be a reliable weapon in the face of fast-moving xenomorphs. Firing from the hip is recommended for quick tagging.

Explore the Origin Map

The new multiplayer map, tentatively named “Origin,” is set on LV-426, the infamous home of the derelict ship and the birthplace of the xenomorph outbreak. Immerse yourself in the dark and atmospheric environments this map has to offer.

United Marines Triumph

A single alien is no match for a firing squad of prepared marines. Cooperation and coordination are key to overcoming these deadly creatures.

Derelict Ship

Beware of the Derelict Ship

The derelict ship, which houses the xeno eggs and Space Jockey from the “Alien” film, looms over the map, casting ominous shadows and adding to the immersive experience. Be cautious, as your mind may play tricks on you.

Fast and Mobile Xenomorphs

Xenomorphs are incredibly fast and mobile. When they scuttle over tall structures or charge at you, it’s best to retreat to the safety of your crew.

Acidic Blood of Alien Corpses

Avoid alien corpses at all costs, as their acidic blood can cause harm if you come into contact with it.

Master the Semi-Automatic Shotgun

The semi-automatic shotgun can quickly dispatch an alien, as long as you’re quick with the trigger. However, be cautious with your reloads, as mistiming them can lead to an untimely demise.

Utilize the Pulse Tracker

The pulse tracker, or radar, is a valuable tool for locating enemies and weapons. But be aware that relying on it too heavily can leave you temporarily vulnerable, so use it sparingly.

Impeccable Gameplay Mechanics

Running, gunning, jumping, and general gameplay in Aliens: Colonial Marines feel tight and reliable. This comes as no surprise from the development studio that brought us the beloved Borderlands series.

Authentic Alien Experience

The movements, sounds, and lethality of the aliens perfectly capture the essence of the legendary films. Being rushed by a pack of aliens is undeniably creepy and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

In summary, my time with Aliens: Colonial Marines’ multiplayer left me enthralled, despite meeting my demise at the hands of xenomorphs repeatedly. Although I didn’t have the chance to experience the campaign, I look forward to its four-player co-op and a story that continues the narrative after Alien 3. Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the game’s release on February 12 for PS3, 360, and PC.


Q: Can I play as the aliens in Aliens: Colonial Marines?
A: While you can’t play as the aliens in the multiplayer mode at present, you can still enjoy the intense action as a marine.

Q: Is teamwork crucial in multiplayer mode?
A: Absolutely! Sticking together with your fellow marines is vital for survival.

Q: Does Aliens: Colonial Marines support co-op gameplay?
A: Yes, the game offers four-player co-op, allowing you to team up with friends for an even more thrilling experience.


Aliens: Colonial Marines promises to deliver an immersive and satisfying multiplayer experience. With its impressive gameplay mechanics, authentic portrayal of the aliens, and the addition of co-op gameplay, Gearbox has crafted a game that is sure to captivate fans of the iconic “Aliens” franchise. Keep an eye out for further updates leading up to the game’s release, and prepare to face the ultimate terror on February 12.