Saturday, 25 May 2024

Exciting Changes in League of Legends Preseason and Ranked System

In a recent update, Riot Games has unveiled a series of exciting changes that are set to reshape the landscape of League of Legends. These changes, driven by the company’s commitment to enhancing gameplay experiences, include adjustments to the ranked system, itemization strategies, and the introduction of new game modes. Let’s dive into the details of these upcoming changes.

Ranked Seasons and Skins

One of the major updates is the introduction of three ranked seasons per year, each accompanied by a unique ranked skin. This addition aims to provide players with more frequent opportunities to showcase their accomplishments and adds a fresh element of excitement throughout the year. While this change has received mixed reactions from the community, many players are looking forward to the new ranked seasons and the rewards that come with them.

Revamping Itemization Strategies

To enhance strategic depth and itemization choices, Riot Games is removing the Mythic Item tier. This revamp will see select items transformed into the legendary tier, offering players a wider range of options to customize their champion’s build. This change encourages experimentation and adaptability, allowing players to tailor their builds to match specific game circumstances and playstyles. The removal of the Mythic Item tier has sparked discussions among players, with some expressing surprise and others eagerly anticipating the strategic possibilities it will bring.

Exciting Game Modes

League of Legends is also set to introduce two exciting game modes. The Arena mode is making its eagerly awaited return in December, complete with updates that will amp up the intensity and competitiveness. Additionally, the fast-paced Nexus Blitz mode is coming back in October, offering players a thrilling and action-packed experience. These modes inject fresh dynamism into the game and provide players with new ways to enjoy League of Legends.

Skarner Update and Community Discussions

Another exciting announcement is the upcoming Skarner update, scheduled for early next year. This update will bring changes to the champion, refreshing his gameplay and keeping the player base engaged. The anticipation surrounding this update has sparked discussions among the player community, with players sharing their thoughts and speculations on Reddit.


As League of Legends continues to evolve, Riot Games is committed to providing players with new and exciting experiences. The upcoming changes to the ranked system, itemization strategies, and the introduction of game modes promise to keep the game fresh and engaging. While the community has expressed mixed sentiments about these changes, the overall response reflects the passion and dedication of the player base. League of Legends is a game that thrives on community feedback and discussions, and these changes are a testament to the game’s continuous development journey.


Q: Will the removal of the Mythic Item tier affect my current champion builds?
A: The removal of the Mythic Item tier will require some adjustment in your champion builds. However, the introduction of the legendary tier and the expanded itemization options will offer even more flexibility and strategic depth.

Q: How will the three ranked seasons per year affect the competitive scene?
A: The introduction of three ranked seasons per year will provide more frequent opportunities for players to engage in competitive play. This change may bring about shifts in the competitive meta and strategies, adding a fresh dynamic to the professional scene.

Q: Are there any additional changes or updates planned for the future?
A: Riot Games is constantly working on updates and improvements to ensure the game remains engaging and balanced. The upcoming Skarner update is just one example of their dedication to keeping the game fresh. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the future!

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