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A Look At Every Supernatural Ability in Remedy’s Control

Control’s protagonist, Jesse Faden, is a formidable force. Armed with her Service Weapon and a growing array of supernatural abilities, she stands against the dangerous force known as The Hiss. In this article, we will explore the various abilities available to Jesse and how they enhance the gameplay experience in Remedy’s Control.

Embracing Supernatural Powers

Remedy has always incorporated supernatural elements in their games, from Max Payne’s bullet-time to Alan Wake’s encounters with the paranormal. With Control, they aimed to take it to the next level. Game director Mikael Kasurinen states, “Let’s embrace that you have supernatural powers and go as far as we can with them.” The abilities in Control are designed to be both extraordinary and somewhat grounded in reality, with visual effects that utilize the art and visuals of the game world.

A Versatile Arsenal

Jesse’s abilities in Control are not limited to combat. She also possesses traversal abilities that allow her to reach new areas and unlock hidden secrets. Levitate and Evade enable her to navigate the environment, reminiscent of Metroid-style progression mechanics. Throughout the game, Jesse will encounter Objects of Power, which grant her new abilities. However, before she can harness these powers, she must prove her worthiness in the Astral Plane.

Harnessing the Astral Plane

The Astral Plane serves as both a proving ground for Jesse and a mini-tutorial for players. Here, she must demonstrate her understanding of new abilities, such as Seize. This ability allows her to bend the wills of enemies and make them fight on her side. Seizing Hiss Clusters also provides buffs and healing benefits, making it a valuable asset in intense battles.

Combining Abilities for Devastating Attacks

One of the most satisfying aspects of Control is the ability to combine traversal-focused powers with combat abilities. For example, combining Levitate with Melee creates the powerful Ground Slam, a devastating area-of-effect attack. Jesse can also use Shield to pull rubble from the ground and launch it at enemies, stunning them. These combinations of abilities make Jesse a force to be reckoned with and allow for strategic and dynamic gameplay.

Balancing Abilities and the Service Weapon

While the abilities in Control are impressive, players are also encouraged to utilize the Service Weapon, Jesse’s transforming gun. The Service Weapon is particularly effective against enemy health, while abilities excel at breaking through enemy shields. Finding the right balance between these two forms of attack is crucial for success.


Control offers players a diverse and exciting range of supernatural abilities that enhance the gameplay experience. From combat-focused powers to traversal abilities, Jesse’s arsenal is both versatile and empowering. By combining these abilities in creative ways, players can unleash devastating attacks and overcome the challenges presented in The Oldest House. Embrace your supernatural powers and dive into the world of Control.


Q: Can abilities be upgraded in Control?
A: Yes, as players progress through the game, they can upgrade and unlock new abilities for Jesse, further enhancing her skills.

Q: Are there any limitations to using abilities in Control?
A: Abilities in Control require energy, which gradually replenishes over time. Players must manage their energy usage strategically during combat.

Q: Can Jesse obtain all abilities in Control?
A: Yes, as players explore The Oldest House and progress through the story, they will unlock and acquire all of Jesse’s abilities.

Q: Is there a New Game Plus mode in Control?
A: Yes, Control features a New Game Plus mode, allowing players to replay the game with all previously acquired abilities and upgrades.

Q: Can abilities be used outside of combat?
A: Absolutely! Jesse’s abilities are not limited to combat situations. They can be used creatively to solve puzzles, traverse the environment, and explore hidden areas in The Oldest House.

Q: Will there be DLC or expansions for Control?
A: Remedy has confirmed that they have plans for post-launch content for Control, including expansions and additional story content.

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