Saturday, 25 May 2024

Activision Acquires King Digital: A Game-Changing Move in Mobile Gaming

Activision, a leading name in the gaming industry, has made headlines with its recent acquisition of King Digital, the developer of the highly popular Candy Crush series. This strategic move, which came with a hefty price tag of $5.9 billion, signifies a significant step forward for both companies and the mobile gaming industry as a whole.

The Rise of King Digital and Candy Crush

King Digital gained immense fame and success with the release of Candy Crush in 2012, capturing the hearts of gamers worldwide. The game’s addictive gameplay and colorful design quickly turned it into a cultural phenomenon. Building on this triumph, King followed up with the equally successful Candy Crush Soda Saga in 2014. In addition to the Candy Crush series, King has developed other hit games like Bubble Witch Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and Papa Pear Saga since its establishment in 2003.

Activision’s Optimism and Strategic Vision

Activision Blizzard CEO, Bobby Kotick, expressed his optimism about the acquisition, recognizing the enormous potential of mobile gaming. Kotick stated, “Mobile gaming is the largest and fastest-growing opportunity for interactive entertainment, and we will have one of the world’s most successful mobile game companies and its talented teams providing great content to new customers, in new geographies throughout the world.”

This acquisition positions Activision as a powerhouse in the mobile gaming market, enabling them to tap into King Digital’s expertise and talented teams to create innovative and captivating games for a global audience.

Independent Operations and Continued Leadership

Activision Blizzard plans to operate King Digital as an independent business unit, preserving its unique identity in the gaming industry. CEO Riccardo Zacconi will continue to lead the company alongside the existing management team, including chief creative officer Sebastian Knutsson and chief operating officer Stephane Kurgan. This approach ensures a seamless integration that leverages the strengths of both companies.

Financial Success and Future Prospects

In addition to the acquisition news, Activision Blizzard reported better than expected financial results in the third quarter of 2015, including impressive non-GAAP digital revenues of $697 million. These positive figures, coupled with the acquisition, bode well for the company’s future growth and further expansion into the mobile gaming market.


Q: What games has King Digital developed besides Candy Crush?
A: Alongside Candy Crush, King Digital has created other popular games such as Bubble Witch Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and Papa Pear Saga.

Q: Will King Digital retain its independent status after the acquisition?
A: Yes, Activision Blizzard plans to maintain King Digital as an independent business unit, allowing it to continue operating with its own unique identity.

Q: Who will lead King Digital following the acquisition?
A: The existing management team, including CEO Riccardo Zacconi, chief creative officer Sebastian Knutsson, and chief operating officer Stephane Kurgan, will continue to lead King Digital.


The acquisition of King Digital by Activision marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, solidifying Activision’s position as a major player in the mobile gaming market. With the successful integration of King Digital’s talented teams and popular game franchises, Activision is poised to create captivating and innovative gaming experiences for a global audience. This move not only brings financial success but also holds promise for the future of interactive entertainment. For more information about Activision and its latest ventures, visit Wqaindia.