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19 Amazing Photos Prompto Took During My Final Fantasy XV Journey

Final Fantasy XV is an unforgettable gaming experience that revolves around the theme of friendship. The characters of Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto captivate players with their individual stories and personal growth throughout the game. The bond between them strengthens over time, taking players on an emotional roller coaster.

One of the most unique aspects of Final Fantasy XV is Prompto’s hobby of photography. As the group embarks on their journey, Prompto captures the moments they share through snapshots. These photographs become an interactive element of the game, adding depth and personalization to the narrative.

Whether you have played Final Fantasy XV or not, I invite you to take a glimpse into the world of Eos through the lens of Prompto’s camera. His photographs showcase his keen eye for action, camaraderie, and the beauty of the game’s landscapes. As you scroll through these images, you’ll witness the growth and development of the characters firsthand.

A Slow Start

Noctis taking a breather

Our journey began with a minor setback as our car ran out of gas on the first day. We pushed the car for miles until we reached a gas station. Prompto captured a candid moment of Noctis taking a breather, reminding us that even heroes need a break.

On the Road Again!


Eager to continue our adventure, we wasted no time hitting the road again. Prompto’s lens captured a stunning photo of the crystal, an essential element in the game’s lore. Take a closer look, it’s right there, behind the light pole, in front of the big cloud clump.

So Much Fun!

Ignis and Gladiolus

From the moment we set off, we knew this journey would be something special. Ignis and Gladiolus radiated joy and excitement, captured perfectly in this photo. Their laughter is infectious, and their bond reflects the heart of Final Fantasy XV.

A Beautiful World

Scenic landscape

Eos, the world of Final Fantasy XV, is a place of breathtaking beauty. Prompto’s snapshot of the landscape serves as a reminder of the wonders we encountered along our journey. The scenery in this game is truly awe-inspiring.

Unforgettable Faces

Mysterious blonde person

Our travels introduced us to a multitude of fascinating individuals, like Jim, or was it Hank? Ted? This shot might not provide a clear view, but this interesting blonde person definitely caught our attention. Their impeccable style added an extra touch of intrigue.

Our First Battle!

Intense battle

In our initial battle against a pack of Voretooths, our teamwork was less than perfect, but we fought with determination and emerged victorious. Noctis showcased his new powers, leaving us in awe. This photo captures the intensity of the fight, transporting you into the heart of the action.

We Fed a Cat

Noctis and the hungry cat

Taking a break from our quest, we stumbled upon a hungry cat on a beach dock. Noctis caught a fish to feed the feline, and the grateful creature devoured it. Noctis couldn’t hide his satisfaction, sporting a contented smile. Moments like these remind us of the importance of kindness in our journey.

The Fifth Party Member

Noctis and his chocobo

During our travels, we stopped at a small farm and found ourselves assisting someone in need. Unexpectedly, we formed a deep bond with chocobos, becoming inseparable companions. Prompto captured the exact moment Noctis and his chocobo forged a connection, a testament to the friendships formed throughout the game.


Mysterious battle

This enigmatic photo suggests an epic battle lurking behind the bushes. While the details remain unclear, it sparks curiosity and leaves us intrigued about the untold story hidden within.


Mysterious tree or shrub

Prompto’s photography skills may have faltered in capturing key moments, but this shot of a tree or shrub reminds us of the unpredictability of our journey. Sometimes even the simplest things hold significance in unexpected ways.


Behemoth battle

Despite some questionable shots, Prompto managed to capture the thrilling battle against the Behemoth. Though not the most focused image, it brings back memories of the intense fight that lasted for what felt like an eternity.

Oh Bloody Hell


In an attempt to showcase the awe-inspiring Titan, Prompto’s focus shifted to the flames instead. While it may not capture the intended subject, this photo evokes the power and grandeur of the game’s colossal beings.

Finally a Somewhat Clear Shot

Beast with many snake heads

Throughout our adventure, we encountered formidable creatures that tested our skills. Prompto’s lens caught a glimpse of one such beast. Though the composition may be imperfect, it highlights the ferocity and diversity of the game’s adversaries.

Two images combined

By combining this photo with the previous one, you can gain a more complete understanding of the creature’s appearance. Immerse yourself in Final Fantasy XV’s intricate world.

About to Make History

Door or gear

As we ventured into enemy territory, the fate of the world hung in the balance. This peculiar photo of a door or a gear, while baffling at first, represents the anticipation and uncertainty that accompanies pivotal moments in the game.

A Foot AND a Hand

Character's foot and hand

Amidst Prompto’s occasional photographic mishaps, there are rare gems like this shot. Capturing both a character’s foot and hand in a battle sequence demonstrates Prompto’s ability to seize fleeting moments, showcasing his unique perspective.

The Keepsake Shot


In this unexpected photo, Prompto managed to capture a heartfelt moment between friends. Although he may not be the most skilled photographer, this snapshot conveys the deep bond shared by the group. It reminds us that despite their flaws, they are there for each other through thick and thin.

Q: Are these the only photos Prompto took during the journey?
A: No, these are just a selection of photos that provide a glimpse into the adventure. Prompto took hundreds of photos, each capturing different aspects of the journey.

Q: Can I play Final Fantasy XV without prior knowledge of the series?
A: Yes, Final Fantasy XV is designed to be accessible to both newcomers and longtime fans of the series. It offers a fresh and standalone experience.

Q: Are there any hidden treasures in Final Fantasy XV that Prompto’s photos might reveal?
A: Yes, Prompto’s photos often contain hints and clues about hidden treasures, secret locations, or interesting side quests. Exploring these images can enhance your gaming experience.

Final Fantasy XV takes players on a remarkable journey filled with captivating characters, breathtaking landscapes, and thrilling battles. Prompto’s photography adds a personal touch to the narrative, capturing moments that reflect the growth and camaraderie of the group.

While this collection only scratches the surface of the photos Prompto took, it highlights his unique perspective and the memories formed throughout the game. Embrace the beauty, action, and emotion of Final Fantasy XV through the lens of Prompto’s camera.

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