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An Interview With Final Fantasy’s Yoshinori Kitase

Final Fantasy

Yoshinori Kitase, a renowned producer and director of the Final Fantasy series, has been instrumental in shaping Square Enix’s flagship RPG franchise. In this exclusive interview, he discusses his role in guiding the brand, managing fan expectations, and the challenges of remaking a classic like Final Fantasy VII.

A Passion for Storytelling and Game Development

Kitase’s journey in the game industry began when he joined Square Enix in 1990, during the transition from Nintendo to Super Nintendo. He was drawn to Square Enix because of their strong emphasis on storylines, which resonated with his passion for storytelling.

Remaking Final Fantasy VII for a New Audience

Kitase, as the producer of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, faces the challenge of reimagining a beloved game for a new generation of players. With Final Fantasy VII’s iconic characters and well-established world, striking a balance between staying true to the original and introducing fresh elements has been a fascinating process.

Embracing Creativity and Innovation

While catering to fan expectations, Kitase and his team also strive to deliver a fresh experience. By harnessing the latest technology and graphics capabilities, they aim to present Final Fantasy VII Remake as a visually stunning and immersive adventure. Their goal is to provide players, both long-time fans and newcomers, with a new perspective on the game’s world and characters.

Guiding Final Fantasy as a Brand

Despite popular belief, a committee still exists at Square Enix to ensure the preservation of the Final Fantasy series’ history and image. Led by brand manager Shinji Hashimoto, the committee’s role is to maintain consistency with established characters and themes. However, it does not stifle creativity; instead, it supports new ideas and encourages the development of fresh concepts and approaches.

Balancing Originality and External Influences

While Kitase acknowledges the importance of keeping an eye on competitors and learning from their achievements, he emphasizes the need to retain a clear vision for each game. By having a core idea of the story they want to tell and the desired player experience, the development team can avoid being sidetracked by constantly comparing themselves to other titles. This focus ensures that their games have a distinct identity and remain true to their creative vision.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Final Fantasy

After being involved with the Final Fantasy series for many years, Kitase recognizes the value in passing the torch to a new generation of creators. He believes in creating a sustainable future for Final Fantasy, a series that continues to captivate and delight fans worldwide. This challenge of evolving the franchise and appealing to a new generation of players is one that he eagerly anticipates.


  • Is Final Fantasy VII Remake a faithful adaptation of the original game?
    Final Fantasy VII Remake aims to strike a balance between staying true to the original and introducing new elements. While there may be some changes, the team has carefully considered the expectations of fans and the iconic status of the original game’s characters and story.

  • Will Final Fantasy VII Remake appeal to both long-time fans and newcomers?
    Yes, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been designed to appeal to both long-time fans and new players. The game offers a fresh and visually stunning experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their familiarity with the original game.

  • How does the committee at Square Enix impact the development of new Final Fantasy games?
    The committee’s primary role is to ensure the preservation of the Final Fantasy series’ history and image. While they provide guidelines to protect the established characters and themes, they also encourage the producers and directors of new games to explore new ideas and create exciting experiences for players.


Yoshinori Kitase’s passion for storytelling, innovation, and maintaining the legacy of Final Fantasy shines through in this interview. As the producer and director of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, he and his team are committed to delivering a fresh and visually stunning experience that will captivate both loyal fans and newcomers alike. With a clear vision for the future of the franchise, Kitase is excited about the potential for new generations of creators to continue the legacy of Final Fantasy.

This article originally appeared on Wqaindia in December 2019.