Friday, 17 May 2024

Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Ace Combat Assault Horizon

The Ace Combat series is known for its thrilling aerial combat in fictional locations. However, with the upcoming game, Assault Horizon, the series is venturing into the real world for the first time. This new approach promises a fresh experience with intense dogfights and a wide selection of aircraft to choose from. I had the opportunity to try out the multiplayer mode at Namco’s pre-TGS event, and here’s what I found.

A New Focus on Dogfights

In both the single-player demo I played at E3 and the multiplayer mode, dogfighting takes center stage. The mechanics are simple yet engaging. Once you have an enemy in your sights, you need to line up two circles and press the bumper buttons to initiate the dogfighting mode (DFM). This zooms in the perspective and intensifies the pursuit. Your opponent will be notified via their HUD and can attempt a counter maneuver using the bumper buttons to gain the offensive advantage. It’s a unique mechanic that adds depth to the gameplay and will undoubtedly be a significant part of online matches.

Capital Conquest Mode

In addition to the traditional deathmatch, Assault Horizon introduces Capital Conquest mode for multiplayer fans. This mode features a race between two teams to destroy each other’s headquarters. It offers a wider variety of aircraft options, including bombers, helicopters, and standard fighter jets. Once the enemy base’s surroundings are cleared, bombers can deliver devastating damage. Capital Conquest mode provides a refreshing change of pace if you’re looking for something different from the standard deathmatch experience.

An Optimistic Outlook

After my time with the multiplayer mode, I came away feeling more optimistic about the dogfighting mechanic. While it initially felt jarring, the Tokyo event showcased its potential. I hope it will be a positive addition to the series rather than an unwelcome change. However, if players find it more bothersome than enjoyable, they can always choose not to use the pursuit mode when playing online after the game’s release on October 11.


Q: Will Assault Horizon still feature fictional locations?
A: No, Assault Horizon is the first console version of the Ace Combat series to take place in the real world.

Q: Can I choose different types of aircraft in multiplayer mode?
A: Yes, in Capital Conquest mode, you have a wider variety of aircraft options, including bombers, helicopters, and fighter jets.

Q: When will Assault Horizon be released?
A: Assault Horizon is scheduled to launch on October 11.


Ace Combat Assault Horizon brings a fresh perspective to the long-standing series by immersing players in real-world locations. The focus on intense dogfights and the introduction of Capital Conquest mode provide exciting multiplayer experiences. While the new dogfighting mechanic may feel unfamiliar at first, it adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. With its release just around the corner, fans of the series can look forward to a thrilling aerial combat experience. For more information, visit Wqaindia.