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15 Tips For Maximizing Your Impact in Battlefield V

Battlefield V brings the intense teamwork and strategic gameplay that fans have always loved about the series back to World War II. Whether you’re engaged in lightning-fast Team Deathmatch matches or massive Grand Operations, working together with your team is crucial to victory. In this article, we’ll explore some tips to help you make a significant impact in the battlefield.

Use Squad Commands to Coordinate Efforts

One of the keys to success in Battlefield V is effective squad play. As a squad leader, use the squad commands to highlight the objectives you want your team to attack or defend. By doing so, you not only contribute to your team’s cause but also earn more experience points. If you find yourself in a squad without a leader, don’t hesitate to use the commo rose to request one.

Maximize Squad Reinforcements

Understanding how to access squad reinforcements can give your team a significant advantage. To access the reinforcement menu, press LB and RB simultaneously when you’re in a safe position. Choose from the available rewards based on your point balance. Use resupply to call in resources behind enemy lines, vehicles to provide additional firepower, or the powerful V1 rocket to turn the tide of battle.

Support Your Team with Supplies

The medic and support classes play a crucial role in supplying teammates with much-needed resources. Instead of using crates, consider spamming med packs and ammo packs to nearby teammates. By doing this, you can earn a substantial amount of points while ensuring your squad stays well-equipped for the fight.

Take Advantage of Fortifications

Don’t overlook the fortifications system in Battlefield V. By using the building hammer (press down on the D-pad), you can fortify positions and improve defenses around control points. This becomes especially important when your defensive lines are compromised. Taking a moment to build up defenses can earn you points and provide valuable cover for your teammates.

Calling for Revives Matters

In Battlefield V, calling for a revive is worth it. Unlike previous games in the series, waiting for a revive doesn’t significantly increase your respawn time. If soldiers are nearby, make sure to call for a revive. Even if your requests go unanswered, you’ll quickly respawn and get back into the action.

Anyone Can Revive, So Help Your Teammates

Reviving fallen comrades is not limited to the medic class. If you can safely revive a teammate without putting yourself at risk, do it. Revives often play a critical role in breaking through staunch defenses and turning the tide in your team’s favor.

Use Smoke Grenades to Your Advantage

Dealing with pesky snipers can be frustrating. To counter their dominance, equip smoke grenades and use them strategically. Smokescreens can provide cover for your team, allowing them to advance to contested control points or revive fallen teammates safely.

Focus on Eliminating Enemy Tanks

As an assault class, your focus should be on taking out enemy tanks. Place anti-tank mines on roads leading to control points to catch tank drivers off guard. If they pass through undetected, use Panzerfaust rockets to quickly destroy them. Effective tank destruction can turn the tide of battle in your team’s favor.

Spot Enemies as a Recon

Playing as a sniper in Battlefield V? Make sure to spot enemies using the recon class’s abilities. While spotting works differently than in previous games, spotting individual targets is now exclusive to the recon class. Take advantage of this ability to provide vital information to your team.

Master Your Weapon of Choice

Each weapon in Battlefield V has its own unique characteristics. Instead of constantly switching between different weapons, take the time to familiarize yourself with one and learn its nuances. This not only allows you to maximize your effectiveness but also unlocks special assignments and rewards.

Customize Your Weapon’s Scope

Unlike previous Battlefield games, you can equip various scopes for weapons right from the start in Battlefield V. Take advantage of this feature by selecting the scope that best suits your playstyle when customizing your weapon loadout.

Consider Vehicles from the Redeployment Screen

While it’s tempting to spawn on teammates immediately, occasionally check the redeployment screen for unused vehicles. Utilizing vehicles effectively can give your team a significant advantage. Aim for the sides and rear of enemy tanks to deal more damage and increase your chances of success.

Take Advantage of Special Assignments

Make sure to keep your assignment slots full to earn extra experience points. Special assignments unlock as you play more with specific classes or weapons. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn additional rewards and improve your overall performance.

Customize Both Axis and Allied Soldiers

Battlefield V’s Company hub allows you to customize your soldiers in various classes. Remember to customize both your Axis and Allied soldiers, as the changes you make apply only to each respective army.


  • Q: Do these tips apply to all game modes in Battlefield V?

    • A: Yes, these tips can be applied to various game modes in Battlefield V, enhancing your performance and contributing to your team’s success.
  • Q: Are there any additional tips for success in Battlefield V?

    • A: Feel free to share your own tips in the comments section below. Battlefield V is all about teamwork and strategy, so any additional insights are welcome!


By implementing these tips, you can make a significant impact in Battlefield V. Whether it’s utilizing squad commands, supporting your teammates, or mastering your weapon of choice, teamwork and strategy are key. So gear up, rally your squad, and dominate the battlefield in Battlefield V!

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