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30 Fun and Exciting Activities to Try in The Forest

The Forest is an exceptional game that combines elements of horror and survival-sandbox genres. It offers a unique and thrilling experience, allowing players to engage in a variety of exciting activities. In this article, we will explore 30 wacky, gross, and bizarre things you can do in the game.

1. Embrace Your Creative Side with Turtle Sledding

One of the most unconventional activities in The Forest is using a turtle shell as an improvised sled. It’s a fun and unique way to navigate through the forest.

Turtle Sledding

2. Unravel the Mystery of Your Fellow Passengers

Utilize the passenger list from your downed flight to track down other survivors. Discover their fate and acquire their belongings, including clothes and wristwatches.

3. Embrace Your Inner Caveman with Bone Weapons

Collect human bones and craft them into a club or even armor made from someone’s skeleton. Unleash your primitive instincts and defend yourself in style.

4. Suitcase Surprise: Explosive Molotov Cocktails

Break open suitcases scattered throughout the forest to find mini booze bottles. Turn them into molotov cocktails or enjoy a drink to unwind after a thrilling adventure.

Molotov Cocktails

5. Embark on a Treasure Hunt for Gun Parts

Uncover secret mounds and use dynamite to reveal hidden gun parts. Build your own flintlock pistol and become a formidable force in the wilderness.

6. Find Tranquility in Gardening

Take a break from the intense survival situations and tend to your garden. Cultivate various plants and enjoy the serenity amidst the chaos.

7. Beat the Cannibals with a Fiery Stick

Craft a makeshift weapon by wrapping cloth around a stick and setting it on fire. Engage in thrilling combat with the cannibals using the mighty “Stick ‘O Death.”

8. Barbecue Cannibals with Hairspray

Combine a found hairspray can with a lighter to create a fearsome flamethrower. Use it to barbeque any cannibals foolish enough to challenge you.

9. Unleash Your Cannibalistic Side for Survival

When faced with hunger, recycle your defeated enemies. Chop up their bodies to obtain bones for crafting weapons and even use their flesh as a desperate source of food.

10. Multiplayer Mayhem: Fight Cannibalism Together

Invite a friend to join you in a multiplayer session and together combat the forces of cannibalism. Teamwork is crucial for survival and maintaining your sanity.

11. Bird Feeder Delights and Deadly Womping

Construct a bird feeder on the side of your cabin and turn unfortunate birds into a delicious meal. Use a womping stick to stun them before cooking.

Bird Feeder

12. Explode Enemies with Creative Bomb Making

Create a bomb using a circuit board, duct tape, a watch, and coins. For added shock value, place the bomb inside a severed head and surprise your adversaries.

13. Underwater Thrills: Attempt to Hug a Shark

Challenge your bravery by attempting to hug a shark underwater. Experience the adrenaline rush and learn from the consequences.

14. Terrify Cannibals with a Gruesome Scarecrow

Build a massive scarecrow using bones from fallen cannibals. Set it ablaze to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

15. Red Paint: Transform Yourself into a Fearsome Predator

Coat yourself in red paint and roam the forest, terrifying the cannibals. Watch as they recoil in fear at the sight of their new predator.

16. Lizard Hide: Stylish and Protective Armor

Defeat a lizard and fashion armor from its surprisingly durable hide. Look stylish while benefiting from the protection it offers.

17. The Ultimate Parental Mission: Find Your Son

Embark on a quest to find your missing son and restore the bond torn by unfortunate circumstances. Experience the emotional journey of a dedicated parent.

18. Decorate Your Cabin with Your Son’s Drawings

Discover drawings left behind by your son throughout the island. Decorate your cabin with these precious mementos, creating a heartwarming atmosphere.

19. Elaborate Traps for Fiery Confrontations

Protect your base by constructing intricate traps that set enemies on fire. Defend your territory while enjoying the satisfaction of watching them burn.

20. Showcase Your Collection of Human Limbs

Build a drying rack in your cabin and proudly display your collection of human feet and arms. A unique conversation starter for those brave enough to enter.

21. Rain Collector: A Sustainable Water Source

Utilize the turtle shell mentioned earlier to collect rainwater for drinking purposes. Stay hydrated while exploring the wilderness.

22. Power Up: Infuse Your Weapons with Teeth

Collect human teeth and enhance your weapons with them. Witness the devastating power these unique modifications bring to your arsenal.

23. Sling Your Way to Victory

Amaze your enemies by thumping them in the face with a pebble from your slingshot. Watch as they plummet to their doom.

24. Rock Out to Arena Rock Tunes

Collect cassette tapes and immerse yourself in the euphoria of arena rock while being pursued by cannibals. Embrace the adrenaline and rock on.

25. Master the Katana: Squirrel Hunting Edition

Unleash your inner samurai by wielding a katana. Hunt squirrels with elegance and precision.

26. Survive the Darkness: Cavern Exploration

Explore dark and treacherous caves. Defend yourself against aggressive naked men using only a rock as your weapon.

27. The Adventurous Gourmet: Mushroom Delights

Sample various mushrooms, even the poisonous ones. Embrace your adventurous side and trust your ironclad digestive system.

28. Poisonous Weapons: Nature’s Deadly Arsenal

Enhance your weapons with poisonous berries and mushrooms, making them more lethal against your foes. Marvel at the irony of nature’s deadly contribution.

29. Display Your Hunting Prowess

Construct a trophy stand in your log cabin and showcase your hunting prowess. Hang the heads of crocodiles, lizards, or even squirrels as a testament to your skills.

30. Embrace the Element of Surprise

Allow yourself to experience defeat in a battle. Sometimes, failure leads to unexpected and exciting surprises.

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Q: Can I play The Forest on different platforms?
A: Yes, The Forest is available on various platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Check the system requirements for each platform before playing.

Q: Is The Forest a multiplayer game?
A: Yes, The Forest offers a multiplayer mode where you can team up with friends to survive and thrive in the wilderness.

Q: Can I build my own base in The Forest?
A: Absolutely! Building a base is an integral part of the game. You can design and construct your own shelter, fortify it, and defend it against hostile forces.

Q: Are there different biomes in The Forest?
A: Yes, The Forest features diverse biomes, each with its own unique characteristics. Explore lush forests, daunting caves, and other intriguing locations.

Q: Does The Forest have a storyline?
A: Yes, The Forest offers a captivating storyline that unfolds as you progress. Discover the secrets of the island and uncover the truth behind your character’s survival.


The Forest is a game that offers endless possibilities and thrilling adventures. Whether you prefer wacky activities, intense survival challenges, or creative endeavors, this game has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the eerie yet captivating world of The Forest and embark on an unforgettable journey. Experience survival like never before and unleash your inner wilderness explorer.