Friday, 24 May 2024

Among The Sleep: A Unique Horror Experience

Among The Sleep

Imagine being a small child, exploring a dark and eerie house, feeling both innocent and helpless. This is the premise of Krillbite’s indie horror game, Among the Sleep. In this game, you play as a two-year-old child, navigating through a terrifying world. The experience is reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror film, The Shining. But how does Among the Sleep stand on its own? Let’s dive into the details.

A Chilling Start

Among the Sleep starts with a haunting lullaby from your mother, lulling you to sleep. However, as you awaken, you realize that something is wrong. Your teddy bear is mysteriously taken away, the lights go out, and you find yourself on the floor. Determined to find your parents, you begin exploring the dark and foreboding house.

An Unusual Perspective

What sets Among the Sleep apart is the perspective it offers. You are a tiny toddler, navigating the world on all fours. The controls feel appropriately clumsy, emphasizing your vulnerability. You can crawl or wobble on your unsteady legs, adding to the sense of dread.

The Ominous Environment

As you crawl through the house, you can’t help but feel the weight of the grim atmosphere. The environment is filled with eerie details. Fragile moving boxes indicate a family in transition, while cries for help emanate from the laundry room. Interacting with objects is done through intuitive mouse movements, allowing you to explore and solve puzzles. You rescue your teddy bear from the washing machine, discovering that it can speak and provides a faint source of light.

A World Designed for a Child

Krillbite has done an exceptional job of creating an environment that immerses you in the perspective of a young child. The ordinary furniture becomes hiding spots, offering a sense of security. Simple tasks become intense as you hear the door handle jiggle. You may need to pull a chair or open drawers to overcome obstacles, all while feeling the ever-present threat lurking in the shadows.

Beyond the Familiar

Among the Sleep is not confined to the family home. In the demo, you venture into an ethereal otherworld, where a rickety walkway leads to another house. Although the demo didn’t reveal much about this dimension, it adds an intriguing layer to the game’s narrative. The full release promises even more surprises and scares.


1. Is Among the Sleep available for Oculus Rift?
Yes, Among the Sleep is compatible with Oculus Rift. Explore the terrifying world in immersive 3D with this head-tracking device. Learn more about Oculus Rift.

2. When will Among the Sleep be released?
Krillbite aims to release Among the Sleep this year, pending the success of their Kickstarter campaign. Be sure to support the project if you want to experience this unique horror game.


Among the Sleep offers a fresh and chilling experience for horror game enthusiasts. Its unique perspective and attention to detail create a truly immersive environment. As you navigate through the dark, you’ll feel a mix of innocence and vulnerability, making every step an intense journey. Keep an eye on Krillbite’s progress and be ready to face your fears when Among the Sleep finally arrives.