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A Deep Dive Into Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Exciting New Bow

Destiny 2: Forsaken is introducing a thrilling new weapon archetype that is sure to change up the battlefield in exciting ways. Unlike traditional firearms, this new addition is a bow, bringing a whole new dynamic to combat. As an expert with extensive hands-on experience, I can attest to the potential for fun and the unique gameplay this weapon offers.

A Refreshing Change of Pace

The bow’s shooting mechanics offer a refreshing change of pace compared to the guns we are accustomed to in Destiny 2. Designer Greg Peng describes the experience as having a different rhythm and pace, almost putting players in a zen-like trance. It requires precision and anticipation, with each shot becoming a ritual of draw, aim, fire, and repeat. Until you try it for yourself, it’s difficult to fully grasp the natural feel and satisfaction it brings.

High Risk, High Reward

Drawing the bow back takes a significant amount of time, making precision hits essential. However, once you connect with your target, the results are immensely satisfying. In PvE encounters, the bow can often eliminate enemies in a single shot. This high-risk, high-reward dynamic adds depth to the gameplay and offers a thrilling challenge for players.

In PvP, the bow presents significant opportunities, but mastering its use will require practice and skill. Currently, it functions as a two-shot kill, making it the highest damaging primary ammo weapon in the game. The bow’s analog nature adds another layer of skill expression, where releasing the arrow early can change its trajectory. It’s a weapon that rewards mastery and offers exciting possibilities for skilled players.

The Art of Setups and Explosions

The bow’s versatility doesn’t stop there. Different perks can enhance the gameplay experience, such as explosive arrowheads. These explosive arrows create delayed explosions, allowing players to set up strategic plays. For example, you can shoot the ground or a wall, wait for an opponent to turn a corner, draw again, and hit them as the first arrow explodes. This adds a new level of tactical thinking and creativity to engagements.

Fitting the Frontier Narrative

Conceptually, the bow fits perfectly into Destiny 2: Forsaken’s western-themed narrative and campaign. As players venture into the untamed asteroids of the Reef, wielding a simple bow adds to the frontier feeling. The goal was to create a new weapon archetype that embodies the wild and untamed nature of the Tangled Shore while staying true to the magical weaponry of the Destiny franchise.

Two Distinct Bow Types

The bow comes in two distinct groups: compound bows and recurve bows. Compound bows require fully drawn arrows and reward precision shots with high damage. On the other hand, recurve bows offer analog control, allowing for quicker draws and more expressive and skillful shots. These two variants cater to different playstyles, accommodating a range of player preferences.

The Technical Challenges

Introducing the bow as a new weapon archetype undoubtedly posed technical challenges for the developers at Bungie. Something as seemingly simple as switching which hand holds the bow presented animation challenges. Additionally, finding the perfect framing on-screen during hip and ADS (aiming down sights) was a tricky task. Overcoming these obstacles required a significant amount of work, but the team at Bungie managed to create a weapon that feels great and looks fantastic.


Q: How does the bow compare to other weapons in terms of damage?
A: The bow currently holds the title of the highest damaging primary ammo weapon in the game.

Q: Can the trajectory of the arrow be altered during the draw?
A: Yes, releasing the arrow early can change its trajectory, offering skilled players additional control over their shots.

Q: What makes the bow a high-risk, high-reward weapon?
A: Drawing the bow back takes time, leaving players vulnerable. However, landing a precision hit is immensely satisfying and often eliminates enemies in one shot.


Destiny 2: Forsaken’s new bow brings a fresh and exciting dynamic to gameplay. Its unique shooting mechanics, high-risk, high-reward gameplay, and versatility make it a standout addition to the game. Whether you’re exploring the untamed asteroids of the Reef or engaging in PvP encounters, the bow offers an immersive and rewarding experience. So grab your bow, take aim, and prepare for an exhilarating journey in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Destiny 2: Forsaken New Bow

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