Friday, 17 May 2024

[Update] Street Fighter V’s Post-Launch Updates and Characters to be Earned In-Game for Free

Capcom has recently shared exciting details about the long-term support for Street Fighter V, including the ability to unlock DLC characters through gameplay. This update aims to provide players with continuous new content and prevent the competitive environment from becoming stale. Let’s delve into the details.

An Ever-Expanding Roster

Street Fighter V will launch with a core roster of 16 playable characters, including four brand new fighters. However, that’s just the beginning. Post-launch, Capcom plans to add new characters to the roster on an ongoing basis, ensuring that players always have something exciting to look forward to. The best part is that every post-launch character will be earnable for free through gameplay!

Avoiding Division and Embracing Balance

In the past, large bundle updates have often split the fan base, as some players choose to update while others don’t. With Street Fighter V, Capcom aims to create a more unified experience. They will distribute characters and updates evenly throughout the game’s lifespan, ensuring that the community remains connected and engaged. This approach eliminates the need for costly upgrades and ensures that the competitive environment stays fresh.

A Familiar System

To make this possible, Street Fighter V will implement a currency system similar to popular free-to-play models. Players can earn Fight Money by simply playing the game, which they can then use to purchase new content. For those who want to expedite their progress, there will also be a premium currency called Zenny, which can be purchased using real money. This dual-currency system caters to players of all preferences, providing both a sense of achievement and convenience.


How can I earn Fight Money?

Fight Money can be earned by playing Street Fighter V. Each match completed, win or lose, contributes to your earnings. Additionally, Capcom may introduce specific challenges and objectives for players to complete, granting them extra Fight Money.

How do I purchase Zenny?

Zenny, the premium currency, can be acquired through microtransactions. Players have the option to exchange real money for Zenny, which can then be used to buy desired content within the game.

Will there be updates and balance adjustments?

Yes, Street Fighter V will receive regular updates and balance adjustments. Capcom has committed to providing all of these updates for free, ensuring that players have access to a fair and constantly evolving fighting experience.


With its commitment to free post-launch content and a balanced approach to updates, Street Fighter V sets a new standard for the fighting game genre. Capcom’s decision to prioritize players’ experience and provide them with the opportunity to earn all gameplay-related content for free exemplifies their dedication to the community. So get ready to step into the ring and embrace the excitement of Street Fighter V!

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