Monday, 27 May 2024

Atari Dismisses Soulja Boy’s Claim of Ownership


Soulja Boy, the rapper with a penchant for gaming, has once again made headlines, this time by claiming that he owns Atari. However, Atari wasted no time in debunking this bold assertion. Let’s delve into the details and separate fact from fiction.

Soulja Boy’s Gaming Ventures

Soulja Boy’s foray into the gaming industry has been met with mixed results. In 2019, he attempted to enter the console market with his own design. Unfortunately, his efforts were swiftly halted by cease and desist notifications from major players in the industry. Undeterred, he continued to explore opportunities in gaming, including taking shots at former Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime.

Atari’s Response

In a recent video, Soulja Boy claimed that Atari was impressed by the success of his bootleg systems and offered him the company for a whopping $140 million. He also stated that he had signed two deals with Atari. However, Atari was quick to quash these claims, stating that the CEO position belongs to Wade Rosen.

The Reality Check

While Soulja Boy’s enthusiasm for the gaming industry is commendable, his assertion of owning Atari raises eyebrows. It is important to distinguish between ambition and reality. Building a console from scratch is admirable, but it should be genuinely original and not based on existing products. Similarly, claiming ownership of a well-established company like Atari requires substantial evidence.

Soulja Boy’s previous gaming-related endeavors, including his presence on social media, his streaming activities, and the launch of his esports organization, demonstrate his ongoing interest in the industry. However, it remains to be seen if his latest venture will face the same issues as his previous attempts.


Q: Is Soulja Boy truly the owner of Atari?

A: No, Soulja Boy’s claim of owning Atari has been refuted by the company. The CEO position belongs to Wade Rosen.

Q: What is Soulja Boy’s history in the gaming industry?

A: Soulja Boy has attempted to enter the gaming industry with his own console design. However, his previous efforts were met with legal challenges.

Q: What did Atari say in response to Soulja Boy’s claims?

A: Atari stated that the CEO position belongs to Wade Rosen, effectively dismissing Soulja Boy’s assertions.


Soulja Boy’s ambition and enthusiasm for the gaming industry are evident. While his claims of owning Atari may be far-fetched, his determination to pursue gaming ventures is commendable. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what Soulja Boy brings to the table in the future.