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15 Tips For Surviving Metro Exodus’ Unforgiving Wastelands

Metro Exodus takes players on a thrilling journey through the inhospitable Russian countryside, where danger lurks at every turn. From deadly radiation zones to mutant predators and roving gangs, surviving the wastelands is no easy task. To help you make the most of your gaming experience, we’ve compiled a list of valuable tips to guide you along the way.

Turn On The Russian Voiceover

One of the notable aspects of Metro Exodus is the voice acting, which can sometimes fall short of conveying the intended emotions. We recommend switching to the Russian voiceover with English subtitles to enhance the immersion and capture the true essence of the game.

Turn Up The Difficulty For The Classic Metro Experience

If you enjoy the tension that resource scarcity brings to the game, consider increasing the difficulty level. Normal settings may offer a more comfortable experience with abundant resources, but raising the difficulty can add a sense of challenge and survival that some players crave.

Always Be Scavenging

Resources are scarce in the wastelands, so it’s essential to scavenge whenever possible. Abandoned buildings, broken-down vehicles, and other structures often hide valuable items such as ammo, weapon attachments, and gear upgrades. Don’t forget to also search fallen enemies for supplies.

Grab Those Glowy Shrooms

In dark areas, glowing mushrooms serve as both a light source and a crafting resource. Collecting these mushrooms ensures a steady supply of essential crafting materials, keeping you equipped for the challenges ahead.

Resupply On The Fly

While on a mission, you can’t craft bullets for your weapons. However, deploying your backpack allows you to restock vital supplies such as medkits, gas mask filters, and ammunition for the Tihar pneumatic air rifle. Before venturing into dangerous zones, make sure you are well-prepared for any encounters.

Follow This Workbench Checklist

Every time you find a safe house with a workbench, take the opportunity to optimize your equipment. We recommend the following checklist:

  1. Clean your rifles to maintain their effectiveness and prevent jamming.
  2. Restock your ammo to ensure you’re ready for upcoming challenges.
  3. Repair your gas mask to keep it in good working condition.
  4. Install any new gear upgrades you’ve acquired during your exploration.

Change Out Attachments On The Fly

Adapting to combat situations is crucial, and that includes adjusting your weapon attachments accordingly. Equip long-range scopes and long barrels for wide-open spaces, and switch to a more versatile red dot sight for close-quarters encounters. Maximizing your weapon’s efficiency contributes to your overall success.

Your Mask Is Your Friend

When you hear the crackling sounds from your Geiger counter, it’s time to equip your gas mask to avoid unnecessary damage. Additionally, be attentive to the beeping sound, indicating the need to replace your gas mask filter promptly. Take care of your mask, and it will take care of you.

Keep Your Batteries Charged

In areas where you heavily rely on your flashlight or night vision goggles, regularly check your battery levels to prevent sudden darkness during crucial moments. To recharge your batteries, hold down the left d-pad button and ensure you always have adequate illumination.

Don’t Always Shoot First

Not every encounter with humans calls for aggression. Take the time to observe and listen to their dialogue before engaging. Holstering your weapon and initiating a conversation can lead to valuable information or even unlock new destinations on your map.

Stealth Saves Supplies

Engaging enemies in a stealthy manner rather than going in guns blazing can help conserve valuable resources. By silently taking down opponents, you can minimize the need for excessive ammunition and medkits, saving them for more critical situations.

Sometimes Running Is Better Than Fighting

When facing overwhelming odds, it’s often wise to retreat rather than fight. Escaping from mutants or other formidable foes is a valid strategy, as they don’t drop resources upon defeat. Live to fight another day and conserve your resources for encounters where they truly matter.

Manners Make The Man

Consider your actions towards each faction you encounter. Your choices and interactions will shape how they perceive you and subsequently affect how they treat you. Building positive relationships may lead to unexpected rewards and even determine the fate of your compatriots.

Hang Around The Aurora

After completing a mission and transitioning to a train sequence, take the time to explore the train. Utilize the radio to listen in on survivor chatter and engage in conversations with your fellow crew members. These moments offer insights into their personalities and motivations, enriching the game’s storyline.

Be The Errand Boy

While exploring the regions, keep an eye out for valuable items that your compatriots have lost or desire. Recovering these items and returning them can trigger new interactions and deepen your relationships with your fellow survivors.


Q: Can I play Metro Exodus without playing the previous games in the series?
A: Yes, Metro Exodus can be enjoyed as a standalone experience. However, playing the previous games can provide additional context and enhance your overall understanding of the world.

Q: Are there different endings in Metro Exodus?
A: Yes, the choices you make throughout the game can influence the outcome, leading to different endings. Your actions and interactions with characters shape the world around you.


Metro Exodus offers a thrilling and challenging journey through the unforgiving wastelands of post-apocalyptic Russia. By following these tips and strategies, you can navigate the dangers with more confidence and make the most of your adventure. Immerse yourself in the rich atmosphere, engage with the captivating characters, and embrace the struggle for survival in this epic game.

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