Saturday, 18 May 2024

Update: Undead Labs Discovers Hidden Surprises in State of Decay

Undead Labs, the developer behind the popular game State of Decay, recently made an interesting discovery. As they were preparing for the release of State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition, they stumbled upon some unexpected surprises hidden within the game’s textures. These surprises, in the form of genitalia, were secretly placed by contractors hired by the studio.

The Unveiling

Undead Labs was not aware of the explicit textures until they started the process of exporting textures for the enhanced edition of State of Decay. These hidden gems were not visible in the original version of the game. Microsoft, the publisher of State of Decay, has responded to the situation and assured fans that the explicit content will be removed from the updated edition.

The Background Story

When working on State of Decay, Undead Labs enlisted the help of contractors to assist in building some of the backgrounds. For reasons unknown, these contractors decided to incorporate a collage of genitalia into the game’s scenery. The lower resolution of the original version of State of Decay prevented these inappropriate additions from being noticed during testing.

Geoffrey Card, senior designer at Undead Labs, acknowledged the presence of this unexpected content and stated that the studio will be taking steps to remove it. However, amidst the cleanup process, Undead Labs has decided to add a fun reference to Jurassic Park in the form of the Jurassic Junction SUV, paying homage to Steven Spielberg’s iconic vehicles from the film.

A Unique Revelation

State of Decay garnered mixed reviews upon its original release in 2013. While some critics praised its open-world survival gameplay, others found fault with its visuals and technical issues. Surprisingly, amidst all the criticism and praise, no one ever mentioned the abundance of hidden genitalia in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: Will the explicit content be visible in the original edition of State of Decay?

    • A: No, the explicit content was only discovered in the process of updating the game for the Year One Survival Edition. It was not present in the original edition.
  2. Q: Who placed the explicit content in the game?

    • A: Contractors hired by Undead Labs were responsible for adding the explicit textures to the backgrounds.
  3. Q: Why was the explicit content not noticed during testing?

    • A: The lower resolution of the original version of State of Decay made it difficult to spot the hidden genitalia during testing.


Undead Labs has taken swift action to address the unexpected presence of explicit content in State of Decay. They are working diligently to remove the content for the Year One Survival Edition, ensuring a more appropriate and enjoyable gaming experience for players. Despite the controversy, it’s interesting to note that the explicit content went unnoticed for years, highlighting the varied perspectives and experiences players have with different games.