Monday, 27 May 2024

Soul Fighter 2023 – Unveiling the Exciting Summer Event

Every year, League of Legends and the Runeterran titles offer two major events that captivate fans worldwide. The World Championship is renowned for its competitive nature, while the Summer events within the game provide a captivating in-game experience. Last year, the Star Guardians 2022 event delighted players with its stunning anime cinematic and remarkable skins. However, Riot Games is taking it up a notch with this year’s Soul Fighter Event, promising an even more extraordinary experience.

What to Expect from the Soul Fighter Event

The upcoming Soul Fighter Event boasts exciting additions across different titles. League of Legends and Wild Rift will see the release of new champions, an abundance of cosmetics spanning four titles, and the introduction of unique game modes. To enhance navigation, the event will be divided into sections dedicated to each title, allowing players to easily explore the content that interests them the most.

League of Legends Highlights

Introducing Naafiri and Arena Mode

After months of anticipation, Naafiri will finally make her debut in League of Legends. This new champion brings a fresh take on the assassin role and is poised to become one of the best junglers and mid laners in the game. Additionally, players can look forward to the highly anticipated Arena mode, a 2v2v2v2 game mode that has already gained popularity among content creators and players during its limited testing phase.

Soul Fighter Skins and Exciting Game Features

The Soul Fighter Event introduces a plethora of skins for champions such as Samira, Viego, Naafiri, Shaco, Pyke, Sett, Lux, Jhin, Gwen, and Evelynn. Each champion will also receive a unique chroma, allowing players to customize their appearance even further. Moreover, the new game mode promises quick-paced matches, funky effects with augments, unique maps, a distinctive set of items, and a competitive ranking system.

Teamfight Tactics – Thrilling Soul Brawl Mode and More

In the Soul Fighter Event, Teamfight Tactics enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the new Soul Brawl mode. This mode consists of two phases: Training and Tournament, with the ultimate champion crowned after a thrilling best-of-three encounter. Additionally, players can expect the introduction of new Little Legends species, including Khaat’Sai, as well as the unveiling of the Tournament of Souls Arena and the Choncc Dome for a complete narrative experience.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Unleash the Soul Fighter

Wild Rift enthusiasts will be delighted to witness the arrival of Soul Fighter Draven, a skin that perfectly complements the Soul Fighter universe. This exclusive skin promises a fresh and exciting visual experience for players. The game will also feature the unique Tag Duel game mode, allowing players to engage in thrilling 1v1 duels against three champions simultaneously.

Legends of Runeterra – Commemorating the Tournament of Souls

In Legends of Runeterra, players can look forward to a stunning array of cosmetics and a new Event Pass to mark the Tournament of Souls. The recent Heart of the Huntress expansion introduced fan-favorites Nidalee, Neeko, and the Poro King, and the new Soul Fighter event will add special skins, animations, emotes, and card backs to enhance gameplay further. Nidalee, Samira, Sett, Gwen, and Viego are among the champions receiving new cosmetics.


The Soul Fighter Event is a celebration inspired by the captivating world of fighting games and anime tournament arcs. From July 20th to August 28th, players can indulge in a month-long extravaganza filled with excitement and exceptional content. Riot Games aims to prove their dedication to their main IP, ensuring that players have a memorable experience. Stay updated with the latest news and updates on the Soul Fighter event to make the most of this incredible event.


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