Thursday, 16 May 2024

Teamfight Tactics Patch 13.15 – Exciting Changes to Piltover T-Hex

TFT Patch 13.15
Summary of the changes. Source by Riot Games

Trait buffs and nerfs. Big Rework to Piltover and more

Piltover is undergoing a significant rework in this TFT Patch 13.15, making it riskier but more rewarding. Noxus is receiving nerfs to its stacking power, while Void creatures are being buffed. Additionally, Zaun is getting quality-of-life changes to make the composition more consistent and easier to play.

Piltover – Reworked

Piltover has been in an uncertain state since the start of Set 9. The T-Hex unit has its highs and lows, with players often only using it for the loot it provides. To make Piltover a more attractive and engaging option, the T-Hex is being reworked.

The T-Hex will now provide both loot and power when winning, although the amount of power and loot will be adjusted to maintain balance. The rewards will be divided, with 20% in the form of power and the remaining 80% as loot.

Here are the changes for Piltover:

  • The T-Hex can no longer be sold for loot.
  • The T-Hex no longer starts with 1 Charge.
  • Adjustments to Piltover loot tables.
  • T-Hex base Armor & MR increased from 15 to 25.
  • T-Hex Armor & MR per Power reduced from 2 to 1.
  • T-Hex Health per Power decreased from 65 to 45.
  • Introduction of new power breakpoints for the T-Hex.
  • Changes to T-Hex Charges item display.

Zaun – First Zaun Mod as a Carry and Easy Removal

In the previous patch, the Zaun composition gained popularity with the rise of Zeri and Urgot as a powerful carry duo. In Patch 13.15, Zaun is becoming even stronger with quality-of-life changes that make the composition more consistent and easier to play.

Here are the changes for Zaun:

  • The first Zaun mod will always be an offensive or hybrid mod.
  • The second mod will always be a hybrid or defensive mod.
  • Zaun mods can now be removed by benching the modded unit.

Void – Improved Rift Herald and Baron Health

The Void units, Baron and Rift Herald, are receiving buffs to their health. These changes will make hitting the Void 8 threshold even more impactful in this patch.

Here are the changes for Void:

  • Void Rift Herald starting Mana increased from 60/120 to 80/120.
  • Void Rift Herald Base Health increased from 950 to 1050.
  • Adjustments to Void Rift Herald and Void Baron Health Multipliers.

Noxus – Early Stat Improvements

Noxus, known for its stacking power, is receiving adjustments to slow down its early-game dominance. The stacking power of Noxus has been reduced, but improvements have been made to the base stats for players who obtain the trait later in the game.

Here are the changes for Noxus:

  • Noxus Stat Increase Per Stack reduced from 10% to 5%.
  • Noxus Maximum Stat Increase reduced from 70% to 35%.
  • Stat improvements for 3, 6, and 9 Noxus compositions.

Other Trait and Unit Changes

  • Buffs to Bastion resistances to improve the early game.
  • Improved thresholds for Slayer and more bleed damage for Rogue.
  • Various buffs and nerfs to unit abilities and statistics.

Units buffs and nerfs in TFT Patch 13.15

Adjustments have been made to a variety of units in this patch. Most of the changes involve buffs to low-performing units and tweaks to improve balance.

Cost 1

Kayle and Poppy, two Demacia units, have received buffs to compensate for their weaker performance in the early game. Other cost 1 units have also been adjusted for improved balance.

Cost 2

Swain and Teemo are receiving buffs to make them more competitive. Galio’s three-star damage reduction and Soraka’s Astral Infusion Damage have also been improved. Taliyah and Sett/Kassadin have experienced ability damage nerfs.

Cost 3

Akshan, who dominated the previous patch, has been nerfed. Rek’Sai is receiving buffs and healing improvements. Other changes have been made to Jayce and Garen.

Cost 4

Various adjustments have been made to four-cost units to improve balance and ensure weaker units can compete against stronger ones. Urgot has been nerfed, while other units have received buffs.

Cost 5

Ahri has received some nerfs to balance her power in the late game. The most significant changes, however, are to Ryze and his portals, with adjustments made to multiple traits to ensure better balance.

Legends Augments and Augments changes

Minor adjustments have been made to multiple augments, with a focus on ensuring balance and fair gameplay. Nerfs have been made to overperforming augments, and buffs have been applied where needed.

Items changes

Ornn Forge Items and Shimmerscale Items have undergone various adjustments to improve balance and gameplay. Changes have been made to individual items like Draven’s Axe and Deathfire Grasp.

Small Changes to units and augments

Additional changes have been made to specific units such as Aphelios, Gwen, Kai’Sa, and Lux. Adjustments have also been made to certain augments and item interactions.

For more detailed information on these changes, refer to the official Teamfight Tactics website.