Saturday, 25 May 2024

SimCity Launch Update: Enhancing the Gaming Experience

[Update] SimCity Fallout Continues

Maxis, the developer behind SimCity, recently addressed the ongoing issues faced by players during the game’s launch. Despite some server instability, thousands of players worldwide have managed to build over 700,000 cities within just 24 hours. However, the rollout in North America, Europe, and Asia has presented significant challenges.

To ensure a smooth gaming experience for all players, Maxis is committed to increasing the number and stability of its servers. Over the weekend, several additional servers will be added. The team is working tirelessly to deliver the amazing game they have built in SimCity to as many players as possible.

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Amidst the SimCity launch, there have been several setbacks that Electronic Arts (EA) is striving to address. Amazon, for instance, has temporarily removed SimCity from its store. On the game’s product page, an “Important Note” has been included, directing users to EA’s support site. This action has influenced the game’s one-star rating on Amazon, based on over 1,000 customer reviews.

EA has also taken to Twitter to clarify its refund policy. While physical copy owners can request a refund, digital copy owners are currently excluded. Furthermore, rumors regarding EA banning players requesting refunds have been debunked. The company is committed to resolving the server-related issues and satisfying its customers.

In response to the frustration, players have created a petition on, urging EA to remove the always-online digital rights management (DRM) from SimCity and future games. The petition has already garnered over 20,000 signatures in less than 24 hours, and it is expected to reach its goal of 25,000 signatures soon.


Q: Will Maxis continue to address the server instability issues?
A: Yes, Maxis is diligently working to increase the number and stability of its servers to ensure an optimal gaming experience for all players.

Q: Can users get a refund for SimCity?
A: EA is offering refunds for physical copy owners, while digital copy owners are currently not eligible for refunds.

Q: Is there hope for the removal of the always-online DRM in SimCity?
A: Players have expressed their dissatisfaction through a petition on, which is gaining significant traction. It remains to be seen whether EA will respond to their concerns.


SimCity’s launch has experienced challenges due to server instability, resulting in frustration among players. Maxis and EA are actively addressing these issues and are committed to enhancing the gaming experience. Despite setbacks, the passion and engagement of SimCity fans continue to shape the future of the game. Stay tuned for further updates as the developers work towards creating an outstanding gaming experience for all players.