Friday, 24 May 2024

LEC 2024 Winter – Finals Weekend Preview

Last weekend marked the farewell of four teams, Team Heretics, SK Gaming, GIANTX, and Team Vitality, leaving us with the top four contenders for the LEC 2024 Winter championship. The stakes are high as the winning team will not only be crowned the champion but also secure a spot in the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational in May and the LEC Season Finals later this year.

Upper Bracket Showdown

In the Upper Bracket, G2 Esports clashed with Team BDS on the 11th of February in a thrilling best-of-five match. Despite BDS putting G2 on the backfoot during the early-mid game, they couldn’t maintain their momentum, resulting in G2’s decisive victory. While this may have been disheartening for BDS, they still secured a spot in the semi-finals and will be awaiting their match against either Fnatic or MAD Lions KOI.

On the other side of the Upper Bracket, Fnatic and MAD Lions KOI had different paths to the semi-finals. Fnatic triumphed over MAD Lions KOI in Round 1 of the Playoffs but faced defeat against G2 in Round 2. In a grueling best-of-three against SK Gaming, Fnatic managed to secure a win, thanks to their superior Dragon control. Meanwhile, MAD Lions KOI bounced back after their Round 1 loss to defeat GIANTX and Team Vitality, earning themselves a rematch against Fnatic.

Fnatic versus MAD Lions KOI

The Finals weekend kicks off with an intense best-of-five match between MAD Lions KOI and Fnatic. These two teams have already faced each other in a best-of-one and a best-of-three during the Winter season. The first match went in favor of MAD Lions KOI, while Fnatic claimed victory in the latter. Both teams ended the regular season with a 5-4 record, making this match a highly anticipated showdown.

Taking a closer look at their Round 1 match, Fnatic dominated the first game, securing victory in just 27 minutes. However, the second game turned into a nail-biting 48-minute battle, with Fnatic eventually emerging as the winners. Although Fnatic faced challenges from G2 and SK Gaming in subsequent matches, MAD Lions KOI showcased their strength by eliminating two teams. Considering these factors, it seems likely that MAD Lions KOI will come out on top in this match.

BDS versus Team TBD

After eliminating Team Heretics and Team Vitality, Team BDS found themselves in the Upper Bracket against G2 Esports last weekend. However, BDS couldn’t overcome the defending champions in the best-of-five series. Despite this setback, BDS has proved their dominance throughout the season, defeating every team except G2 Esports.

As for their upcoming opponents, Fnatic and MAD Lions KOI haven’t faced off against BDS in the Playoffs yet. Based on their regular season performances, BDS has already defeated both teams in best-of-one matches. With their solo laners, Adam and nuc, in top form, BDS is a formidable force. Considering their strong early game and consistent performance, it’s hard to envision Fnatic or MAD Lions KOI defeating them in a best-of-five series. However, let’s not count out these two teams just yet and see what they bring to the table.

G2 Esports versus Team TBD

The reigning champions, G2 Esports, will face one of the remaining three teams to defend their title. Based on their performances so far, it seems unlikely that any of these teams will pose a significant challenge to G2. With only three losses throughout the Winter season, G2 has proven their dominance. Their only defeats came from Rogue, Team Vitality, and Fnatic in the playoffs, but overall, G2 has been unstoppable in the LEC this split.


Q: What are the stakes for the winning team?
A: The winning team will not only be crowned champion but also secure a spot in the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational in May and the LEC Season Finals later this year.

Q: How did Fnatic and MAD Lions KOI perform against each other in previous matches?
A: Fnatic won the best-of-one match, while MAD Lions KOI emerged victorious in the best-of-three series.

Q: Has Team BDS faced Fnatic and MAD Lions KOI in the playoffs?
A: No, Team BDS hasn’t faced either team in the playoffs yet, but they have defeated both teams in best-of-one matches during the regular season.


With the LEC Winter Split coming to a close, we are eager to witness the thrilling matches that will determine the next champion. While MAD Lions KOI and Fnatic battle it out in the first match, Team BDS awaits their opponent. Reigning champions G2 Esports, though seemingly unstoppable, must stay on guard as they face one of the remaining contenders. Join us as the LEC Finals Weekend unfolds with excitement and anticipation.

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