Friday, 24 May 2024

LoL Devblog: Improving Champions, Game Modes, and More

To start off, the League of Legends (LoL) development team, Meddler and Brightmoon, emphasize the importance of champion updates. They prioritize the quality and evergreen experience for both new and older champions, taking into account reworks.

Art & Sustainability Updates (ASUs)

In 2023, LoL players can look forward to more Art & Sustainability Updates (ASUs). These updates greatly enhance the “feel” of champions while requiring less work. This means that visual upgrades to older champions will be more frequent and impactful. The upcoming ASUs will feature Lee Sin and Teemo.

Lee Sin Asu

Champion Pricing Updates

LoL is making significant changes to the champion pricing system. While some champions’ prices may increase, many will see a reduction in price. Overall, these changes aim to benefit the players and make the game more accessible. For more details, check out the upcoming Champion Bundles.

Cohesiveness in Lore

With the success of titles like Legends Of Runeterra and Arcane, which delve into the League of Legends lore, Riot Games recognizes the importance of narrative consistency across all Runeterra titles. This focus on cohesiveness aligns with the recent announcement of an upcoming Riot MMO. While details on how they will achieve this remain undisclosed, fans can expect a more unified storytelling experience.

Return of Game Modes and New Map

Riot is actively listening to player feedback regarding the Pre-Season Aram changes and Tower Rubble complaints. They are also introducing a new 2v2v2v2 game mode, offering a thrilling deathmatch experience where losing players can queue up again for another chance at victory.

New Game Mode

Wild Rift Skins & Updated Splash Arts

The LoL development team plans to bring some of the unique skins and updated splash arts from Wild Rift to the main game. Popular skins like Star Guardian Seraphine, Redeemed Xayah and Rakan are already in the works. If these skins receive positive feedback, more will follow. Additionally, Rugged Garen’s splash art will be released in a future patch, but a specific date for Wild Rift skins has yet to be determined.

Gwen Mythmaker

Clash Returns and ARAM Updates

Due to recent security concerns, Clash will return in March instead of its usual February release. Additionally, the success of ARAM Clash ensures its return, although the exact date has yet to be announced. For players in the South East Asia League, Clash will be available for the first time in March.

Clash Returns

Regional & Global Tech Upgrades

Lastly, Riot Games plans to implement technical upgrades to enhance the player experience. This includes increased usage of cloud servers to improve login queues, closer server hosting for South East Asia to reduce ping, and hardware upgrades for Europe Nordic & East and Korea in the middle of the year.


  • Q: When will the Wild Rift skins be released in the main game?

    • A: Riot Games has not announced a specific date yet.
  • Q: Are all champions receiving Art & Sustainability Updates (ASUs)?

    • A: ASUs will be rolled out gradually, with Lee Sin and Teemo being the upcoming recipients.
  • Q: When can we expect the return of Clash and ARAM Clash?

    • A: Clash will return in March, while the date for ARAM Clash has yet to be announced.


The LoL Devblog provides exciting updates for players. From champion updates and pricing adjustments to cohesive lore and new game modes, Riot Games is dedicated to continuously improving the player experience. Alongside the introduction of Wild Rift skins and technical upgrades, LoL players have much to look forward to in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates on the official Wqaindia website.