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Zen And The Art Of Last Stop: A Thought-Provoking Experience

Last Stop, the latest game published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by Variable State, offers players a unique and intellectually stimulating gaming experience. Inspired by the philosophical works of Albert Camus, Last Stop weaves existentialism and absurdism into its storyline, creating a thought-provoking narrative that challenges players to contemplate the meaning of life.

Embracing Absurdity: The Storyline

Last Stop features three main characters, each embarking on their own journey through six chapters that culminate in an epic conclusion. The game beautifully captures the mundane aspects of daily life, depicting relatable moments of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or lost. This mundanity serves as a stark contrast to the supernatural elements that drive the story forward. It is within this dichotomy that the philosophy of embracing the absurdity of existence truly shines.

Influenced by Albert Camus’ philosophy, Last Stop prompts players to reflect on the absurdity of life and the choices we make. The characters in the game are confronted with the supernatural, forcing them to confront their own personal absurdities. Through their experiences, Last Stop encourages us to recognize that sometimes, succumbing to the chaotic and inexplicable nature of life is the only choice.

The Art of Design

Variable State’s attention to design is evident throughout Last Stop. Each character, including those of significance to the main protagonists, is meticulously crafted with detailed faces and expressions that reflect their own unique human experiences. However, the non-central characters lack facial features entirely, reflecting the tunnel vision we often adopt in our own lives. This deliberate design choice reminds us that we become largely unaware of those outside our immediate reality, treating them as faceless beings unless their paths directly intersect with ours.

Perception and Reality

Last Stop also delves into the theme of perception as reality. It highlights the idea that our individual perceptions shape our understanding of the world around us, even if those perceptions differ from one another. With its focus on tunnel vision, the game emphasizes how individuals outside of our immediate reality become insignificant, blending into the background like replaceable entities.

Ethical Considerations

In addition to its philosophical explorations, Last Stop also addresses ethical issues within the gaming industry. The game candidly discusses the problem of crunch, an extended period of overworking without adequate rest or benefits. By introducing the character Jack, who works in the game industry, Last Stop sheds light on the harsh working conditions that many developers face. It serves as a reminder that these conditions are not limited to the gaming industry alone but span across various fields. Last Stop encourages us to have conversations about these issues and strive for better working conditions for all.

A Deeper Tale

While the graphics may be simplistic and the gameplay linear, Last Stop offers a depth that surpasses initial impressions. Its final choices and the exploration of different reactions and empathy over scorn reveal the game’s thought-provoking nature. Sometimes, we all crave a gaming experience that goes beyond entertainment and offers meaningful insights. If you find yourself yearning for such an experience, Last Stop is an excellent choice.

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Q: Who developed Last Stop?
A: Last Stop was developed by Variable State, a studio known for creating meaningful gaming experiences.

Q: What is the philosophical inspiration behind Last Stop?
A: Last Stop draws inspiration from the existential and absurd philosophy of Albert Camus, emphasizing the embrace of life’s absurdities.

Q: Does Last Stop address ethical issues in the gaming industry?
A: Yes, Last Stop addresses ethical concerns such as crunch, shedding light on the extended periods of overworking that many developers face.


Last Stop is a testament to the power of storytelling in video games. By exploring existential themes and challenging players to contemplate the absurdities of life, the game offers a unique and thought-provoking experience. The attention to design and ethical considerations further elevate Last Stop, making it a standout title that deserves recognition. If you’re seeking a game that goes beyond entertainment and provides a deeper narrative, Last Stop is a must-play.