Friday, 19 Jul 2024

How Teamfight Tactics Legends Shaped the Game

If you’ve been immersed in the new Teamfight Tactics: Runeterra Reforged Set, you’re likely aware of the numerous changes that have been implemented. As with any complex game in its early patches, there are bound to be some imbalances. One legend, in particular, has caused a stir among players – Twisted Fate.

In Patch 13.12, Twisted Fate became the enemy of the game with his ability to amass an absurd amount of exact items thanks to the Pandora’s Items/Box augment acquired in round 2-1. While this led to toxic compositions, it also allowed for the creation of consistent comps with unusual setups. Players used this augment to build powerful teams, such as a 3-star Juggernaut Garen comp with six Zeke’s Heralds. However, the arrival of Patch 13.12 brought its own set of issues that required immediate attention.

The Rise of Draven in TFT Patch 13.13

In most cases, a three-star 4-cost unit in Teamfight Tactics is a game-changer. It requires significant resources and strategic gameplay to achieve. However, this wasn’t the case with Draven in Patch 13.13. Players who obtained Draven early on with the Rolling for Days augment, especially the Prismatic variant, found themselves with several free rolls for easy upgrades. This early advantage allowed players to snowball to victory and dominate lobbies.

High Elo players quickly caught on to the power of Draven, resulting in lobbies filled with players using him. This caused an uproar on social media platforms, with the League subreddit flooded with complaints about Draven’s broken state. The situation escalated when players discovered that this patch would remain active for three weeks, leading to threats and attacks directed at the Dev team.

The B-Patch: Hotfix for Draven

The attacks on the Dev team prompted their return from their holidays to address the situation. On June 19th, Riot Mortdog announced that a hotfix patch with nerfs for Draven was being prepared. The changes aimed to balance the game and address the domination caused by the Draven Legend.

Another Legend Dominates: Ezreal

After the B-Patch, Ezreal emerged as the dominant legend. His 2-1 augment provided players with a significant advantage in terms of items and gold, leading to a high tempo in the early stages of the game. As a result, Ezreal also underwent nerfs in the 13.13C Hotfix. Kai’Sa, another powerful 4-cost unit, was also affected by the changes.

As the game continues to evolve, players are already experimenting with new compositions and strategies. It seems that a dragon-themed legend may be the next to rise in popularity. Stay tuned for updates on innovative comps and the best-performing legends in the days to come.


Q: Will other legends receive nerfs or buffs in future patches?
A: As the game evolves and new balance issues arise, it is likely that other legends will undergo nerfs or buffs to maintain a fair and engaging gameplay experience.

Q: Are there any resources available to guide players in building the best comps?
A: For the latest League of Legends/TFT news, you can check our News section. Additionally, you can refer to LeDuck’s curated Tier list to climb the rankings and discover the best comps to play with.

The world of Teamfight Tactics is constantly evolving as legends rise and fall in popularity. Legends like Twisted Fate, Draven, and Ezreal have dominated the game, prompting necessary adjustments to maintain balance. With each patch, players adapt, innovate, and discover new strategies. As we venture further into the game, it is crucial to stay informed and embrace the ever-changing landscape of Teamfight Tactics.