Friday, 17 May 2024

Astrologaster Review

Astrologaster is a fascinating game that takes you back to Elizabethan England, where medical practices were questionable, to say the least. As Simon Forman, a doctor on the fringes of society, you rely on astrology to guide your patients. While the concept is intriguing, Astrologaster falls short of its potential.

An Engaging Blend of History and Fiction

Astrologaster weaves together historical and fictional elements through vignettes of Simon Forman’s consultations. You’ll meet a variety of colorful characters, each with their own unique medical issues or life crises. The presentation is a standout feature of the game, with its charming paper-cut-out aesthetic and delightful songs that introduce each character.

Astrology as a Superficial Mechanic

At first glance, the star-gazing aspect of Astrologaster seems to offer a deductive or puzzle-solving experience. However, this element quickly loses its depth, and you rarely need to decipher anything. While the celestial influences are technically present, they feel extraneous since the options presented to you already have clear interpretations. As a result, astrology becomes more of an aesthetic feature than an engaging mechanic.

Choices with Minimal Impact

The core of Astrologaster revolves around selecting dialogue options, but unfortunately, the impact of your choices falls short. While the game presents opportunities to make decisions that challenge your moral compass, the consequences often lack satisfaction. For example, telling a patient an uncomfortable truth may strain your relationship with them, but it doesn’t significantly affect their behavior. This diminishes the sense of agency you have over the events in the game.

A Balance of Historical Accuracy and Gameplay

Astrologaster strives for historical accuracy, even ensuring that the star positions align with the dates of Simon Forman’s consultations. While commendable, this commitment to detail doesn’t always translate into an enjoyable gaming experience. The focus on accuracy can sometimes overshadow the player’s sense of agency and impact within the game.

Worth Exploring for History Enthusiasts

Astrologaster offers a unique premise, delightful presentation, and humorous writing. If you’re interested in learning more about Elizabethan history and medicine, it’s definitely a game worth exploring. However, if you’re seeking a narrative experience with impactful choices and character development, you may find yourself wanting more.


Q: Is Astrologaster historically accurate?
A: Astrologaster strives for historical accuracy, from the details surrounding Simon Forman’s interactions with real people to the alignment of star positions with historical dates.

Q: Does Astrologaster offer meaningful choices?
A: While there are choices in Astrologaster, their impact is often minimal and doesn’t significantly alter the course of events.


Astrologaster is an intriguing game that combines history and fiction in an engaging way. While it falls short in certain aspects, such as the depth of its astrology mechanic and the impact of player choices, it still offers a delightful experience for those curious about Elizabethan history and medicine.