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LEC 2024 Winter Split – Meet the Teams Part One

Fnatic – A Legacy of Excellence

Fnatic, a renowned team in the European league, has risen to fame since its inception. While they faced challenges in recent years, Fnatic has undergone significant transformations to reclaim their former glory. They took risks by replacing star players, such as top laner Martin “Wunder” Hansen and bot laner Carl Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, with newcomers Óscar “Oscarinin” Jiménez and Oh “Noah” Hyeon-taek. These gambles paid off, leading to Fnatic’s best performance in years during the Summer Split. With their latest roster change, welcoming Yoon “Jun” Se-jun, Fnatic aims to reach new heights in the 2024 season. [^1^]

Fnatic's Twitter

G2 Esports – An Unstoppable Force

G2 Esports, another dominant team in Europe, has consistently performed at a high level since their arrival in 2016. Last year, they surprised fans by bidding farewell to their long-standing jungler, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, and welcoming rookie Martin “Yike” Sundelin. Yike quickly established himself as one of Europe’s best junglers, displaying impressive skills at international events like MSI and Worlds. G2 Esports also revamped their bot lane by signing Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and re-signing Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle. This roster proved successful, securing their third consecutive split championship in both the Winter and Summer splits. [^2^]

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GIANTX – A New Challenger

GIANTX, a partnership between Excel Esports and Giants, is making its debut in the LEC with a diverse roster of familiar faces. Led by fan-favorite top laner Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu, who previously played for Rogue, Splyce, Schalke 04, and Excel, the team aims to build on Odoamne’s past success in the Summer finals of 2022. Joining Odoamne are jungler Lee “Peach” Min-gyu and bot laner Patrik “Patrik” Jírů from EXCEL, as well as Adam “Jackies” Jeřábek and support Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun. IgNar, a former player for Misfits Gaming and Schalke 04, brings his experience to the team after playing in the LCS in 2020. The GIANTX roster is full of potential, as they aim to make their mark in the LEC. [^3^]

GIANTX's Twitter

Karmine Corp – A Rising Star

Karmine Corp, formed by French streamer Kamel “Kameto” Kebir and Amine “Prime” Mekri, has achieved impressive results in the LFL and EMEA Masters in recent years. As they enter the LEC, the team has made changes to its roster, with top laner Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet, mid laner Lucas “Saken” Fayard, and support Raphaël “Targamas” Crabbé remaining from their LFL squad. Joining them are former Team Vitality players Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo and Elias “Upset” Lipp. Both players faced significant pressure while on Vitality but have the opportunity to prove themselves in 2024. Karmine Corp is determined to show fans that they have what it takes to become champions. [^4^]

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MAD Lions KOI – The New Generation

MAD Lions KOI, previously known as MAD Lions, has made a significant impact in the LEC since their debut in 2020. After securing several championships, they faced a disappointing Summer Split and Worlds performance, prompting them to revamp their roster. Star players Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov, Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer, and Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság have moved on to other LEC teams for the 2024 season. However, jungler Javier “Elyoya” Batalla and top laner Kim “Chasy” Dong-hyeon remain, with Chasy now sharing the top lane with LEC rookie Alex “Myrwn” Villarejo. The team has also introduced four rookies, including mid laner Bartłomiej “Fresskowy” Przewoźnik and bot laners David “Supa” Martínez García and Álvaro “Alvaro” Fernández del Amo. With their history of success, MAD Lions KOI aims to continue their legacy with a fresh roster. [^5^]

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1. How many championships has Fnatic won in the LEC?
Fnatic has won multiple championships in the LEC since its establishment. However, their performance has fluctuated in recent years. With the current roster changes, they aim to reclaim their former glory in the 2024 season.

2. What changes have G2 Esports made to their roster for the 2024 season?
G2 Esports made the surprising decision to part ways with their jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and rebuild their bot lane by signing Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and re-signing Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle. This revamped roster has already achieved success, winning back-to-back split championships.

3. Which teams are debuting in the LEC for the first time in 2024?
GIANTX and Karmine Corp are both making their debut in the LEC in 2024. GIANTX, a collaboration between Excel Esports and Giants, aims to showcase their talented roster in the upcoming season. Karmine Corp, formed by streamer Kamel “Kameto” Kebir and Amine “Prime” Mekri, has achieved remarkable results in the LFL and EMEA Masters and is eager to prove themselves on the LEC stage.

4. Have MAD Lions made significant changes to their roster for the 2024 season?
Yes, MAD Lions has undergone significant changes to their roster after a disappointing Summer Split and Worlds performance. They bid farewell to star players Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov, Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer, and Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság. The team has introduced several rookies and aims to build a fresh roster led by jungler Javier “Elyoya” Batalla.


The LEC 2024 Winter Split is set to be an exciting season with teams like Fnatic, G2 Esports, GIANTX, Karmine Corp, and MAD Lions KOI showcasing their talent and determination. With revamped rosters, new faces, and veteran players, these teams are ready to battle it out for the championship. Stay tuned for Part Two of our article series to learn more about the remaining LEC teams. Get ready to enjoy the thrilling LEC matches this upcoming weekend!

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[^1^]: Image sourced from Fnatic’s Twitter.
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