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Garen: The Perfect Champion for Beginners in League of Legends

If you’re new to League of Legends and struggling to choose your first champion, look no further than Garen, the Might of Demacia. In this article, we’ll explore why Garen is the ultimate beginner’s champion and one of the easiest champions to play in LoL.

Garen’s Simple Kit Makes Him Easy to Learn

Learning the skills and mechanics of a champion can be overwhelming for newcomers. Garen solves this problem with his straightforward abilities and easy combos. Unlike other champions, Garen doesn’t require precise aim or skill shots. Everything is point and click, making it simpler for beginners to focus on decision making and game flow.


Top Lane: The Ideal Starting Point

Garen is primarily played in the Top lane. This lane provides a great learning environment for beginners, as it’s often a 1v1 matchup without constant enemy jungler interference. By playing Top lane, new players can focus on mastering basic lane mechanics, such as creep management and trading with the enemy laner, without the added pressure of complex gameplay strategies.

Garen’s Durability Makes Him a Dominant Force in Lane

Maximizing time in the lane to gain experience and gold is crucial for beginners. Garen excels in this aspect, thanks to his passive ability, Perseverance, which automatically regenerates his health when he’s not taking damage. This allows Garen to stay in the lane longer compared to other champions, who often rely on potions and frequent recalls.

He also has the W ability, Courage, which reduces enemy burst damage and empowers his play around enemy towers. Additionally, Garen’s E ability, Judgement, provides fast wave clear, enabling him to push minion waves into enemy towers and apply pressure on the map. With Garen, beginners can easily control the lane and make macro-level decisions.

Garen’s Impact in Team Fights

Though Garen’s damage doesn’t scale as well as ADCs in the late game, he still contributes significantly to team fights. His ultimate, Demacian Justice, deals true damage, bypassing armor stacking. It also deals damage based on a percentage, making it effective against tanky opponents. Garen’s Q ability, Decisive Strike, includes a built-in silence, which can be crucial for disrupting enemy abilities and turning the tide in team fights.

To enhance his playstyle, Garen is often built with Stridebreaker as his core mythic item. The active ability of Stridebreaker applies an AOE slow, allowing Garen to catch and defeat mobile enemies in both 1v1 and team battles. The AOE slow also benefits Garen’s teammates, making him a valuable asset in securing team victories.


  1. Is Garen suitable for advanced players?

    • While Garen is a champion designed for beginners, advanced players can still find success with him. His straightforward kit and durable playstyle make him a reliable pick in certain team compositions.
  2. What other champions are similar to Garen?

    • If you enjoy playing Garen, you might also enjoy champions like Darius, Nasus, and Malphite. These champions share similar characteristics and playstyles.


Garen is undoubtedly the easiest champion to learn and play in League of Legends. His simplicity, durability, and impact in team fights make him a perfect choice for beginners. By mastering Garen, new players can build a solid foundation of game knowledge and mechanics. So, why not give Garen a try and embark on your journey to becoming a skilled Summoner in the world of League of Legends?

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