Friday, 21 Jun 2024

Understanding the Effect of ‘Knock Ups’ in League of Legends Gameplay

League of Legends is a highly popular game that requires strategic thinking and a deep understanding of its mechanics. One question that many players have been asking is how ‘knock ups’ affect the effectiveness of tenacity. In this article, we will explore this topic and provide valuable insights for League of Legends enthusiasts.

The Concerns and Suggestions

One player, npri0r, sparked a debate about the usability of tenacity against knock ups and suppression effects in gameplay. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the inefficacy of knock ups, especially in ARAM games. npri0r suggested possible game modifications, such as reducing the number of knock up abilities for each team.

The Tenacity Dilemma

npri0r pointed out that while champions can use items to reduce the impact of crowd control effects, tenacity doesn’t have any effect on knock ups. Commentator Exestos shared that Riot once experimented with a system that allowed tenacity to affect knock ups on PBE. However, they later decided to remove it to maintain a form of crowd control resistance.

The Mechanics Behind Knock Ups

A commentator, KiakahaWgtn, humorously mentioned that when a champion is knocked up, their boots (which offer tenacity) are literally off the ground, rendering them ineffective. On a more serious note, another commentator explained that knock ups, knock backs, and pulls share identical coding. Changing tenacity’s interaction with knock ups would require separate programming for each of these abilities, which would be a significant amount of work for a limited return.

Impact on Gameplay

npri0r provided an example of a Nasus player facing Cho, Malphite, and Janna in an ARAM game being continuously crowd controlled for almost seven seconds. This scenario highlights the potential imbalance in gameplay caused by the ineffectiveness of items against knock ups. It’s important to consider the impact of knock ups on gameplay balance and champion function.


While the issue of knock ups and tenacity in League of Legends remains unresolved, it’s an intriguing aspect that adds depth to the game. This ongoing discussion taps into larger issues such as game balance and champion functionality, offering valuable insights into the complexities that make League of Legends an esports favorite.


Q: Is there a way to counter knock ups in League of Legends?
A: Currently, tenacity does not affect knock ups. However, you can still mitigate their impact by using items that reduce crowd control duration and making strategic decisions during gameplay.

Q: How does knock up affect champions’ positioning in battles?
A: Knock ups can disrupt champions’ positioning, making them vulnerable and preventing them from executing their abilities or escaping from dangerous situations.

Q: Are knock ups considered overpowered in League of Legends?
A: While knock ups can be powerful, it’s important to consider their balance within the game. The ongoing discussion surrounding knock ups and tenacity demonstrates Riot’s dedication to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming experience.