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2015 Adventure Game of the Year Awards

2015 was an exceptional year for adventure games, showcasing a diverse range of titles that left a lasting impact. From spine-chilling horror to poignant explorations of adolescence, the quality of these games was undeniable. In this article, we will celebrate the best adventure games of 2015, highlighting their standout features and why they captured the hearts of players.

Life is Strange: Best Story

Life is Strange tells a captivating story that may have its ups and downs but ultimately stands out as a unique and unforgettable gaming experience. Mixing elements of sci-fi and young adult drama, the narrative explores the potential of interactive storytelling in a way that resonates with players long after they finish the game. The tale of Max and Chloe in the enchanting town of Arcadia Bay is a testament to the power of choice and its consequences.

Life is Strange

SOMA: Best Setting

Frictional Games took a bold step with SOMA, diverging from their traditional horror formula and delivering a thought-provoking exploration of humanity. Set in an eerie ocean floor research base called PATHOS-II, the game confronts players with their mortality and the futility of life. The atmospheric and oppressive setting adds another layer of tension to an already gripping narrative, making SOMA a standout experience.


Until Dawn: Best Graphics

Until Dawn boasts stunning visuals that immerse players in a chilling mountain retreat. The meticulous facial animations and the haunting beauty of snow-covered landscapes create a truly atmospheric and visually striking experience. Considered one of the best-looking games of its generation, Until Dawn showcases the technical prowess of the developers and elevates the horror genre to new heights.

Until Dawn

Life is Strange: Best Soundtrack

Life is Strange masterfully weaves soft acoustic tunes and electronic music into its narrative, enhancing the emotional impact of key moments. The soundtrack not only complements Max’s journey but also stands on its own as a beautiful collection of songs. Whether experienced within the game or enjoyed independently, the music of Life is Strange is a testament to the game’s immersive and evocative storytelling.

Max from Life is Strange: Best Character

Maxine Caulfield, the protagonist of Life is Strange, is a relatable and complex character who grapples with the consequences of her actions. Her portrayal as a flawed individual with the power to rewind time adds depth to her journey. Max’s relatability and her exploration of anxieties, relationships, and ambitions make her one of the most authentic and memorable characters in gaming.

Tales From The Borderlands: Funniest Game

At first, the combination of Telltale’s narrative-driven style and Gearbox’s first-person shooter universe seemed unlikely. However, the collaboration resulted in Tales From The Borderlands, a wildly funny sci-fi adventure that defied expectations. The game’s memorable cast of characters, witty dialogue, and well-timed pop culture references combine to create a comedic experience that delights players from start to finish.


  1. What were the most shocking moments in Life is Strange?
    Life is Strange is filled with shocking scenes that leave a lasting impact. One of the most unsettling moments occurs at the end of episode 3, which we won’t spoil here. It is a haunting and powerful sequence reminiscent of the best episodes of The Twilight Zone.

  2. Which game was the sleeper hit of the year?
    Until Dawn surprised many with its release, capturing the attention of players with its branching narratives and expertly executed jump scares. The game’s ability to immerse players in its suspenseful atmosphere elevated it to sleeper hit status.

  3. Which game was the most heartbreaking?
    Life is Strange manages to tug at players’ heartstrings with its tragic twists and turns. Despite the constant onslaught of hardships, players become invested in the journey of Max and her friends, creating an emotional rollercoaster that few other games can match.


In a year filled with remarkable adventures, Life is Strange emerges as the Adventure Game of the Year for 2015. Despite its imperfections, the game’s ambition and ability to deliver emotionally satisfying and engaging storytelling set it apart. Life is Strange not only captivates players with its interactive narrative but also emphasizes the importance of their choices, solidifying its place as a triumph in the genre.

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