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Best Dragons and Souls in League of Legends

Dragons and souls play a crucial role in League of Legends, but not all are created equal. Understanding the impact of different dragons and souls on your team composition is essential for strategic play. In this article, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each dragon and soul, providing valuable insights to help you make informed decisions during gameplay.

Key Takeaways from Which are the Best Dragons and Souls

  • Chemtech Dragons: These are exceptionally strong for enchanters but lackluster for other champions. The Chemtech Soul, while useful for most characters, falls short when compared to other souls.
  • Cloud Dragons: Utilizing the benefits of Cloud Dragons can be challenging. Its soul can be either powerful or useless depending on the characters in play.
  • Ocean Drake: Overall, Ocean Drake is useful, but its effectiveness varies depending on team compositions and matchups. The Ocean Soul offers similar advantages.
  • Mountain Dragon: This dragon provides a significant advantage for beefy characters and front-to-back compositions. The Mountain Soul is beneficial for all champions.
  • Infernal Drakes: These dragons are ideal for anyone seeking raw damage. The Infernal Soul offers the same benefits.
  • Hextech Dragons: Good for everyone, the Hextech Soul is considered one of the best for most champions.

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Cloud: Good or Meh

Cloud Drake
Image via Riot Games

Cloud Dragon grants a percentage slow resist and out-of-combat movement speed. The Cloud Soul provides bonus movement speed, with a significant increase for 6 seconds after using your ultimate.

While some consider Cloud to be the weakest drake and soul, it offers a unique advantage. Certain champions who rely on movement speed for damage or survival, like Vladimir, Lilia, and Darius, benefit greatly from the flat movement speed. However, in most compositions, Cloud Soul falls short compared to other options.

Chemtech: Underwhelming for most

Chemtech Dragon
Image via Riot

The new Chemtech Drake provides a percentage bonus tenacity and heal and shield power. On the other hand, the Chemtech Soul offers a buff that increases damage reduction and damage when below 50% health.

Considered one of the weakest souls, the Chemtech Soul is mainly suited for bruisers, tanks, and battlemages who trade health in fights. While it may appear underwhelming compared to the Mountain or Hextech souls, it serves its purpose well. However, it is crucial to balance its numbers appropriately to ensure it remains useful for all characters. Additionally, Chemtech Dragons are exceptionally strong for enchanters but lackluster for other champions.

Ocean Soul: Probably Overrated

Ocean Dragon
Image via Riot Games

The Ocean Dragons provide health regeneration based on the percentage of missing health over 5 seconds. The Ocean Soul grants a buff that restores health and mana when dealing damage to enemies.

Although Ocean Soul is beneficial for everyone, its effectiveness depends on the nature of the fights. Dive compositions do not gain much from it, but it becomes incredibly useful in poke compositions. It shines when facing or playing with poke compositions. However, its usefulness diminishes in front-to-back fights. Champions that rely on health to deal damage and tanks find Ocean Soul particularly powerful.

Mountain Soul: Good for Most, Incredible for Some

The Drakes of the Mountain variety grant percentage bonus armor and magic resistance, while the Mountain Soul provides a shield after 5 seconds of not taking damage.

As expected, the Mountain Drake benefits characters that build armor and resistances, such as bruisers and tanks, especially in front-to-back fights. However, the Mountain Soul proves useful for all champions as it increases their staying power in a fight and counters poke. Its strength depends on the statistics, which currently places it among the top three souls.

Infernal Soul: Always Good

The Infernal Dragons provide a percentage bonus AD or AP, while the Infernal Soul causes auto attacks and abilities to inflict extra damage every 3 seconds.

The Infernal drake universally benefits all team compositions. The Infernal Soul, while strong, falls slightly behind the Hextech Soul due to its focus on damage without utility. In a fight, a damage boost can be mitigated through smart gameplay and engagement with opponents. Nonetheless, the Infernal Soul remains an excellent choice, though not the absolute best.

Hextech Soul: Busted?

Hextech Drake
Image via Riot

Hextech Drake grants percentage ability haste and attack speed. The Hextech Soul adds bonus true damage to abilities and auto attacks, slowing the target and potentially three additional targets with an 8-second cooldown.

Considered by many as the strongest soul, the Hextech Soul combines powerful damage with utility. The added true damage and slow, which also affects multiple targets, make it one of the best souls available. Additionally, the Hextech Dragons are always useful, as ability haste benefits all characters and team compositions.

It is crucial to consider the benefits of specific dragons and souls for each team before prioritizing them. Remember, not taking a dragon can result in a significant swing in stats, as dragons operate within a zero-sum game. These advantages accumulate when you consider a team of 5 players and the potential for multiple dragons. Certain compositions, such as tanky ones, may heavily benefit from dragons like Mountain and Ocean, while enchanters should prioritize Chemtech.


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Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of dragons and souls is vital for strategic play in League of Legends. By prioritizing the right dragons and choosing the most impactful souls, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents. Consider your team composition and the matchups to make informed decisions during gameplay. Remember, the right combination of dragons and souls can turn the tide of battle in your favor.