Saturday, 25 May 2024

Are Vehicles Coming To Pokémon Sun & Moon? And Other Exciting Possibilities From The Announcement

Today, Nintendo Direct revealed the exciting news that Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released this holiday season. Along with this announcement, there were some intriguing hints and visuals that have got fans speculating about what to expect in the upcoming titles. Let’s dive into some of these interesting details and try to piece together the puzzle.

Pikachu and Pokémon Bank Integration

First off, we have our beloved Pikachu! It has been confirmed that players will be able to import Pokémon from the classic games into Sun and Moon using the Pokémon Bank. But what if we could recruit Pikachu directly in the new games? This possibility has definitely sparked some excitement among fans.

A New Design for the Pokémon Center

Next, there’s an intriguing image of what appears to be a new design for the Pokémon Center. It seems more compact and efficient than previous versions. Could this mean we’ll be seeing a revamped Pokémon Center experience in Sun and Moon? Only time will tell.

Image of the new Pokémon Center design

Vehicles in Sun and Moon?

Perhaps the most exciting reveal from the Nintendo Direct was the presence of various vehicles in the game. One of them is a Blastoise-powered fire truck, while another looks like a Poké-Ambulance. But the real highlight here is the fact that these vehicles use Pokémon to fulfill a helpful role. This opens up the possibility of vehicles playing a major role in the gameplay. Will players be able to drive around, replacing the traditional bikes with new Pokémon rides? Imagine the thrill of putting out a fire with a Squirtle-powered vehicle!

Image of the Pokémon vehicles

Beach Mansion and Tournament Venue

The images also showcase a luxurious beach mansion that initially may be mistaken for a Pokémon Center. However, when combined with the other design elements featured in the video, it becomes apparent that this could be a tournament venue in the making. It also hints at a tropical setting for the game, adding an exciting twist to the overall experience.

Image of the beach mansion and potential tournament venue

Within the mansion, we can see various Pokémon featured on the walls and a Horsea shooting water outside. Additionally, there are Pokémon trainers spotted outside the mansion with luggage, suggesting that they have traveled from afar to participate in a Pokémon event. Could this mansion be the location for the game’s big tournament or a massive training hub for players to develop throughout their journey? It’s certainly a possibility worth considering.


  1. Will Pokémon Sun and Moon have vehicles? While the presence of vehicles in the Nintendo Direct hints at their inclusion in the game, further details about their functionality and role are yet to be revealed.

  2. Can I recruit Pikachu directly in Pokémon Sun and Moon? While players will be able to import Pikachu from classic games using the Pokémon Bank, the ability to recruit it directly in Sun and Moon is still uncertain.

  3. Is the beach mansion a tournament venue? While the beach mansion gives off tournament venue vibes, it’s important to keep in mind that these are speculations based on the visuals shown. We’ll have to wait for more information to confirm its purpose.

  4. Will Pokémon Sun and Moon feature a tropical setting? The presence of a beach mansion and tropical design elements suggests the possibility of a tropical setting in the game. However, we’ll have to wait for more information to confirm this.


The announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon has left fans buzzing with excitement. With the integration of Pikachu, the potential for vehicles, and the mysterious beach mansion, the upcoming titles promise a thrilling and immersive experience. As we eagerly anticipate their release, let’s keep our eyes peeled for more exciting updates from the world of Pokémon!

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