Friday, 17 May 2024

A Guided Tour of Borderlands 2 Concept Art

Welcome to a fascinating journey through the concept art of Borderlands 2. Instead of simply showcasing the artwork, we’ll provide you with insights and impressions that we’ve gathered about the game. Each image below can be clicked to view a larger version of the art.

The Unique Style of Bandit Guns

One of the new additions to Borderlands 2 is the Bandit brand, a weapons manufacturer that focuses on individuality. Gearbox, the game’s developer, aims to make each manufacturer look and feel distinct. Bandit guns, in particular, stand out as they are constructed using various scrap materials found throughout Pandora. The concept art for a Bandit SMG showcases their attention to detail, including unique decals that add more character to the weapons.

Tediore Guns – Explosive Fun

Tediore guns, another brand in Borderlands 2, offer an interesting gameplay mechanic. These guns are so inexpensive that players discard them instead of reloading. When thrown away, a handheld digistruct gadget replaces the gun with a new clone containing a fresh clip. Plus, discarded Tediore guns explode upon impact, making the explosion size proportional to the amount of ammo left in the gun. We wonder if there are Tediore weapons that regenerate ammo or class mods that allow for this. The possibility of constantly spawning and throwing explosive Tediore guns adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay.

Bandit SMG

Diverse Environments in Pandora

Complaints about the lack of variety in the original game’s world led Gearbox to create diverse environments in Borderlands 2. A concept sketch of Pandora showcases the team’s aim to include different landscapes, such as a snowy tundra and green fields. These new environments perfectly complement Borderlands’ vibrant art style, which failed to shine in the first game due to its predominantly brown color palette.

Meet the Gunzerker

During our cover trip, we discovered that Salvador’s character class didn’t have a name yet. Referred to as Merc and Berzerker, it was eventually named Gunzerker. One of the exciting features of the Gunzerker class is their ability to dual-wield weapons. This new class offers players a unique playstyle and adds to the overall diversity of character abilities.

Handsome Jack – The New Villain

Handsome Jack, the new antagonist in Borderlands 2, intrigues us with his stylish mask. We can’t help but wonder what lies beneath it. Taking down Handsome Jack becomes a significant goal throughout the game, as the team learned from the first game’s disappointing conclusion. Gearbox promises a more rewarding experience this time around.

The Nomad – A Formidable Bandit

Borderlands 2 introduces a new class of bandit called the Nomad. Among them is the Nomad Torturer, who straps a psycho midget to their shield. Freeing the psycho by shooting the chains off the shield turns them into an ally who attacks the nomad. This gameplay twist proves useful when playing alone and needing a distraction to flank the nomad. The imposing presence of the nomads, with their slow and powerful stomping movements, adds excitement to combat scenarios.

Improved AI and Robot Enemies

Gearbox implemented impressive improvements in artificial intelligence for the robot enemies in Borderlands 2. These enemies, including Handsome Jack’s mechanical henchmen, now feature jetpacks, allowing them to interact more dynamically with the environment. Enemies with jetpacks can fly onto ledges and crates, enhancing the overall combat experience. Additionally, robots like the EXP Loader pose a unique challenge. Even when their limbs are shot off, they continue crawling towards the player, reminiscent of the iconic Terminator. The updated AI also allows enemies to communicate with each other, making decisions such as deflecting incoming fire and healing allies in real-time.


Q: Is Borderlands 2 a standalone game, or do I need to play the first one?
A: Borderlands 2 can be enjoyed as a standalone game, but playing the first one will provide additional context and background information.

Q: Can I play Borderlands 2 alone, or is it better with friends?
A: Borderlands 2 offers a great solo experience, but it’s even better when played with friends. Cooperative gameplay adds an extra layer of fun and teamwork.


Borderlands 2, with its unique art style, diverse environments, and exciting gameplay mechanics, promises an incredible gaming experience. The attention to detail in weapon design, the intriguing characters, and the improved AI of enemies make this game a worthy successor to the original Borderlands. Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive features on Borderlands 2.

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