Saturday, 25 May 2024

Arms Review

Many Nintendo fans have fond memories of the Punch-Out franchise. The game challenged players to strategize and exploit the weaknesses of opponents to rise up the ranks and claim the championship. Arms takes a similar approach but adds a unique twist, creating an exciting and fun experience.

A New Kind of Boxing

Arms introduces a new concept in one-on-one battles. Players control fighters with extendable arms and super-powered fists. The action is constant, with punches flying and tension rising. Even when players are taking a moment to feel each other out or learn the controls, the game never slows down. Arms offers more than just fast-paced action; it requires strategy and skill.

Strategy and Skill

While Arms may seem simple at first glance, there is a surprising amount of strategy involved. Standard fights require players to stay mobile, dodge punches, and counterattack. Each arena presents unique elements to consider. Should you use the glass tubes in DNA Lab for cover or break through them? Do you take advantage of the high-ground at Ninja College or engage your opponent directly? Arms combines these factors into quick, arcade-style matches that require players to adapt and learn from each fight.

Choose Your Arms Wisely

Before each match, players not only choose their character but also their arm loadout. This decision adds another layer of strategy to the game. For example, if your opponent selects a bulky character, you can either opt for heavier arms with slower but more powerful attacks to level the playing field, or choose lighter arms to double down on speed advantage.

Precise Controls

Arms offers motion controls that accurately simulate punches and movement. However, for more demanding battles, the default motion controls may lack the necessary precision. Switching to the traditional button scheme provides greater accuracy but lacks the option to remap buttons.

Mini Games for Added Fun

Arms also features several unique mini-games, such as V-Ball, Skillshot, and Hoops. These games provide a break from the intense hand-to-hand combat and add a touch of silliness to the overall experience. Although enjoyable, these mini-games could benefit from more variety and customization options.

Online and Single-Player Modes

Arms offers a range of online and single-player modes. You can play online against friends, participate in ranked matches to level up, or join a party match with other players. The party match mode offers a thrilling multiplayer experience with various game types, including four-player free-for-all fights, mini-games, and co-op boss battles. Additionally, the game rewards players with in-game coins that can be used to unlock new arms through a bonus target-smash game.


Arms is a unique and exciting addition to the Nintendo Switch library. It offers fast-paced action, strategic gameplay, and enjoyable multiplayer experiences. While it may lack some depth in certain areas, Arms provides a fresh and engaging experience for those seeking a new kind of fighting game on their Nintendo Switch.


  • What are the control options in Arms?

    • Arms offers both motion controls and traditional button controls. While motion controls provide a immersive experience, some players prefer the precision of button controls.
  • Can I customize my character’s appearance in Arms?

    • Customization options in Arms are limited to selecting different arms for your character. Cosmetic customizations are not available.
  • How can I unlock new arms in Arms?

    • In Arms, players can earn in-game coins by playing various game modes. These coins can then be used to play a bonus target-smash game, where hitting wrapped boxes unlocks new arms for your characters.