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Arkane’s Prey: A Game for Dishonored Fans to Embrace

Arkane Studios, the creative minds behind the critically acclaimed Dishonored series, has a deep appreciation for Looking Glass Studios’ classics. In their latest game, Prey, they took inspiration from the iconic System Shock. While Prey isn’t simply “Dishonored in space,” it offers an immersive experience that will undoubtedly captivate fans of Arkane’s first-person adventures. Here are five reasons why Dishonored fans should keep an eye on Prey:

Reason One: Emphasis on Player Choices

In Dishonored, players quickly learned that their actions had consequences. Leaving a trail of bodies behind resulted in a more treacherous environment, filled with disease and danger. Prey follows a similar philosophy, adapting to the player’s playstyle and reflecting their choices in the game world. Lead designer Ricardo Bare explains, “The game should react to the player with actual consequences. We personally like the game to reflect back, ‘Hey, you did a bunch of terrible things, and the world is more terrible now.'”


Reason Two: A World Built on Rich Lore

While Dishonored wasn’t lauded for its storytelling, it boasted a rich and immersive world. Arkane meticulously crafted the lore of Dishonored, scattering fragments throughout the game’s environments. Prey takes a similar approach, offering a world that extends far beyond the game itself. As players explore the space station Talos I, they will uncover tantalizing pieces of lore through books, letters, and diaries. Arkane even delved into the technology behind TranScribes, tiny PDA-like devices that store valuable information. The level of detail is awe-inspiring.

Reason Three: Streamlined User Interface

A good user interface goes a long way in enhancing gameplay. Arkane understands the importance of balancing information delivery while maintaining immersion. While Dishonored kept its interface minimalistic, Prey strikes a balance by providing necessary information in an elegant manner. Creative Director Raphael Colantonio shares, “It’s important information and creates a better game experience, but it’s not like it’s disrupting immersion. We decided we needed to give the player the information that’s useful.”

Reason Four: Deeper RPG Systems

Prey offers players an array of chipsets, which they can use to upgrade their gear and abilities. These chipsets function similarly to Dishonored’s bone charms, allowing players to customize their playstyle. Additionally, players will see the exact amount of damage they inflict on enemies, adding a stat-based element to combat. Lead Systems Designer Seth Shain explains, “We’re a little more RPG-ish than Dishonored. Having the numbers present makes the whole thing feel a little more stat-based.” These enhancements create a deeper and more satisfying gameplay experience.

Reason Five: Unleash Your Player Agency

Arkane strives to empower players and provide them with agency in their games. Dishonored allowed players to be stealthy assassins or non-lethal pacifists, depending on their playstyle. While Prey encourages players to engage in combat with the alien threats on Talos I, it still offers the option to avoid using the alien powers entirely. This freedom to tackle challenges in multiple ways is a hallmark of Arkane’s design philosophy. Seth Shain remarks, “We fight really hard for player agency, and we fight really hard to keep the player as empowered as possible.”



Q: Will Prey be a direct continuation of the Dishonored series?
A: Prey is not a direct continuation of Dishonored. It is a new and distinct experience, though it shares some similarities in gameplay mechanics and design philosophy.

Q: Can players expect a compelling story in Prey?
A: While storytelling may not have been a highlight in Dishonored, Prey offers a rich and immersive world with a captivating lore that extends beyond the game itself.

Q: Can I play Prey without using any of the alien powers?
A: Yes, Prey provides players with the option to tackle the game without utilizing any alien powers. However, there are consequences for using these abilities, offering a unique trade-off for players.


Prey is an exciting new venture from Arkane Studios that seamlessly blends their trademark gameplay design with a fresh and immersive sci-fi experience. Dishonored fans will find themselves right at home, with Prey offering a rich world, meaningful player choices, and a refined user interface. As you embark on the journey through Talos I, prepare to unleash your creativity and ingenuity in an unforgettable adventure.

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