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During the NES era, sports games were not just for fanatics or experts. They were fun, competitive experiences that didn’t rely on major league licensing. These games either added a unique twist to traditional sports or invented new competitions altogether. However, as major licensed games took over the market, alternative sports games became scarce. But now, indie developers are stepping up and bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the competitive e-sports arena. One such game is It Draws A Red Box, or #IDARB.

A Unique Concept

When developer Other Ocean set out to create a new game, they took an unconventional approach. They turned to the Twitter community and asked for intriguing game ideas using only a red box as inspiration. The result of this collaborative effort is #IDARB. The game is simple yet exciting – two teams of up to four players compete to score more points than the other team. They do this by taking possession of the ball in a platform-based arena, similar to Towerfall, and scoring points over four rounds. In this game, you can score more points by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal from a distance.

Offense and Defense

Playing defense in #IDARB involves disrupting the movement of the opposing team. You can use an attack tied to the right trigger to knock the ball out of their possession. When this happens, it becomes a mad scramble to regain control. You can choose between different defensive strategies, such as zone defense or man-to-man, to prevent the other team from scoring. However, camping in your own goal comes with a penalty – a 10-second disadvantage for your team, similar to a power play in hockey.

On offense, you can choose to go solo or coordinate with your teammates to create scoring opportunities. Each player also has a special move that can be activated by rapidly moving the right analog stick. This move allows players to fly around the environment, knocking out certain platforms and redirecting the ball if they come into contact with it.

Navigating the Arena

Moving through the platforms in #IDARB requires careful navigation. While you can jump and pass through some platforms, others block movement, requiring you to plan your traversal path strategically.

Endless Potential

Even with just a few rounds in one arena, the potential of #IDARB is evident. The game is enjoyable and leaves you wanting more, even after a defeat. This is a crucial factor for success in a genre where balance is key. If players feel that they are unable to compete or if there are loopholes that can be exploited, they are likely to move on to another game. However, #IDARB strikes the right balance, ensuring a satisfying and competitive experience.

Adding Personality with Customization

Now Available for Xbox One and PC

With #IDARB, Other Ocean has created a game that has the potential to become a must-have in your gaming collection. Although not many people own multiple console controllers, the solid core of #IDARB’s proof of concept suggests that it’s worth considering adding more controllers to your collection. The game was released for Xbox One and PC in 2014.


  • Q: What platforms is #IDARB available on?

  • A: #IDARB is available on Xbox One and PC.

  • Q: Can I play #IDARB alone or do I need teammates?

  • A: #IDARB can be played alone, but it is more enjoyable with teammates. The game supports up to four players per team.

  • Q: Can I customize my team and arena in #IDARB?

  • A: Yes, #IDARB allows players to create their own pixel art heroes, name their teams, and even design their own arenas.