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A Closer Look at the Characters of Final Fantasy XV

Having a captivating and relatable cast is crucial for any gaming experience, especially in RPGs. After all, spending hours with these characters should be enjoyable. Over the years, the Final Fantasy series has introduced memorable party members like Tifa, Sabin, and Auron, as well as iconic leading protagonists like Cloud and Lightning. Final Fantasy XV takes a unique approach, featuring four male leads who are already close friends before their crazy adventure begins. Along the way, players will also encounter intriguing side characters who add depth to the journey.

Noctis: The Complex Protagonist

Noctis, the main protagonist and future king of Lucis, carries immense burdens on his shoulders. He may appear less expressive and somewhat distant compared to his friends, but there’s a reason behind that. Noctis is a complex character who has faced significant emotional turmoil in his life. His mother’s death at a young age and his father’s responsibilities to the kingdom have contributed to his sense of aloneness and solitude. However, he doesn’t harbor resentment towards his father; he understands the sacrifices that had to be made. Noctis struggles to articulate his feelings and finds it challenging to navigate his destiny as king. These factors may explain why he is not particularly adept in matters of love, especially when it comes to his childhood friend, Luna.

Gladiolus: The Muscular Protector

Gladiolus, often known as “Gladio,” brings strength and protectiveness to the group. He hails from a family that has always served as protectors of the Lucis royal family. With a militaristic background, Gladiolus is dedicated to safeguarding the prince no matter what. However, his friendship with Noctis extends beyond duty. Gladiolus is the voice of reason within the group, ensuring that they stay focused and united. His straightforward and direct nature often leads to clashes with Noctis, but it also prevents the group from losing their way.

Ignis: The Loyal Right-Hand Man

Ignis is a serious and nurturing character who acts as Noctis’ right-hand man. Having known each other since childhood, they share a close bond. Ignis is fiercely loyal and will do anything to support the prince. He takes on responsibilities that Noctis’ late mother would have fulfilled, such as cooking, taking care of his nutrition, and chauffeuring him around. Ignis is the guiding light of the group, ensuring that they stay on track and make the best decisions. However, he struggles to understand people’s intentions, especially when it comes to humor. His perfectionist nature can also lead to moments of tension during their adventure.

Prompto: The Joyful Companion

Prompto may not be a battle-hardened warrior, but he brings joy and lightheartedness to the group. He had a sad and lonely childhood, which contributes to his constant efforts to uplift the spirits of those around him. Deep down, Prompto is a thoughtful and contemplative individual, despite his cheerful outward demeanor. The team behind Final Fantasy XV paid attention to his animations, emphasizing his energetic and reactive nature. Prompto’s proficiency with machines and his love for video games and anime make him a tech-savvy member of the group.

Luna: The Determined Oracle

Luna is a bold, intelligent, and determined character. As an Oracle, she possesses the ability to communicate with the gods. She and Noctis share a complicated relationship. Despite being childhood friends from different kingdoms, they are getting married for political reasons to unite their realms. Luna’s love for Noctis is evident, but he struggles with self-confidence when it comes to reciprocating that love. Luna’s presence is primarily experienced through cutscenes, but her impact on Noctis goes beyond being a mere love interest. She serves as his unwavering support, helping him fulfill his destiny.

King Regis: The Fatherly Figure

The father-and-son relationship plays a significant role throughout Final Fantasy XV. Noctis seeks his father’s love while also understanding his duty as a prince and future king. King Regis does everything in his power to protect Noctis and guide him to become a good and caring ruler. As Noctis embarks on his journey, King Regis remains at home, handling peace negotiations. The full-length CG movie, “Kingsglaive,” reveals further complexities in this process. Regis’ influence on Noctis is profound, and his presence will be felt throughout the game.


  • Q: Who are the main characters in Final Fantasy XV?

    • A: The main characters are Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto.
  • Q: What is Noctis’ role in the game?

    • A: Noctis is the main protagonist and the future king of Lucis.
  • Q: What are Gladiolus’ strengths?

    • A: Gladiolus brings strength and protects the group as a warrior with a militaristic background.
  • Q: What is Ignis’ role in the group?

    • A: Ignis serves as Noctis’ loyal right-hand man, providing guidance and support.
  • Q: How does Prompto contribute to the group?

    • A: Prompto keeps the atmosphere light-hearted and joyful, despite his own troubled past.
  • Q: Who is Luna and what is her relationship with Noctis?

    • A: Luna is a determined and intelligent character who shares a complicated relationship with Noctis. They are childhood friends from different kingdoms, and their marriage serves a political purpose.
  • Q: What is King Regis’ significance in the story?

    • A: King Regis plays a vital role in Noctis’ life as his father and as a guiding figure.


Final Fantasy XV introduces a diverse cast of characters who each play crucial roles in the game. From Noctis, who struggles with his responsibilities as future king, to Gladiolus, the group’s pillar of strength, and Ignis, the loyal guiding light, each character brings unique qualities to the table. Prompto’s joyful nature provides much-needed levity, while Luna serves as a determined companion with her own destiny. Lastly, King Regis’s influence on Noctis is profound. Together, they embark on a journey that explores themes of love, duty, and sacrifice. Get ready to delve into a captivating and emotionally engaging gaming experience.

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