Friday, 24 May 2024

Aliens vs. Predator: A Review Worth Exploring

Alien and Predator, two iconic sci-fi horror franchises that have enthralled audiences for decades. When Rebellion released Aliens vs. Predator for home consoles, fans eagerly anticipated a collision of epic proportions. However, like mixing incompatible flavors, the result can sometimes be less than satisfying.

A New Chapter in the Universe

Set after the events of Alien 3, Aliens vs. Predator takes us to planet BG-386, where a group of scientists begins breeding Xenomorphs for war. In a twist of fate, a war party of Predators discovers these experiments and decides to intervene by wiping out the colony. The game features three different campaigns, each offering a unique perspective on the same story. However, due to repetitive use of levels, the excitement can wane.

The Human Marine Section: Survival Horror FPS

As you step into the shoes of a human marine, a sense of survival horror engulfs you. The corridors are rife with scares, but the repetition of fighting off Xenomorphs can diminish the experience. Clumsy controls and linear levels further hinder the immersion. While flares provide some illumination, a more effective flashlight would have been invaluable.

Aliens vs. Predator

Unleash Your Inner Predator

The Predator sequences grant players the opportunity to become a young hunter, proving themselves to their clan. Employing the Predator’s iconic arsenal, such as the shoulder-mounted Plasma caster, unleashes devastating power. However, limited ammunition balances the gameplay. The campaign emphasizes stealth, but limited melee combat and linear level design can lead to frustration and slow progress.

The Alien Campaign: A Blend of Stealth and Frustration

In the Alien campaign, players embody a Xenomorph bred for war, fighting to break free from captivity. Although stealth plays a prominent role, the experience can fall short. Alien encounters lack the menace and power exhibited in the films, leaving players feeling unfulfilled. Navigating the world becomes disorienting with the ability to walk on walls. Despite the thrill of ambushing enemies from above, losing sight of targets can lead to unfortunate consequences. Motion sickness becomes an unexpected adversary.

Multiplayer: Finding Redemption Together

The multiplayer component of Aliens vs. Predator offers a glimmer of hope. Various deathmatch and CTF-like matches allow all three races to engage in fierce battles. Each race possesses unique strengths and weaknesses, creating an exciting dynamic. While some single-player problems persist in multiplayer, such as frustrating controls for aliens and lackluster Predator combat, modes like Infestation and Predator Hunt stand out. Predator Hunt emphasizes strategic hunter/prey scenarios, while Infestation challenges marines to survive against a growing alien threat.


Rebellion’s Aliens vs. Predator falls short of capturing the unique spark of its 1999 predecessor. However, it still offers moments of excitement and enjoyment, particularly in multiplayer modes. While the game may not fully satisfy fans’ expectations, it remains a worthwhile addition for those seeking to delve further into the Alien and Predator universe.


  1. Is Aliens vs. Predator available on multiple platforms?

    • Yes, the game is available for various home consoles.
  2. Can players experience all three campaigns in one playthrough?

    • No, players must play through each campaign separately to explore different perspectives.
  3. Are there any standout features in the multiplayer modes?

    • Yes, Infestation and Predator Hunt offer unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

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