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Artistic Devotion – Red Candle Games’ Journey Through Horror and Success

Red Candle Games

Red Candle Games, the indie studio behind the critically acclaimed horror titles Detention and Devotion, is embarking on a new adventure with their upcoming game, Nine Sols. This side-scrolling action platformer takes inspiration from Chinese mythology and sci-fi, marking the studio’s most ambitious project to date. In this article, we dive into the fascinating history of Red Candle Games and their evolution as a small team of passionate gamers in Taiwan.

A Haunting Beginning

Red Candle Games was founded in 2014 when designer Coffee Yao was developing the prototype for Detention. This side-scrolling horror game takes players on a chilling journey through a haunted high school in 1960s Taiwan, incorporating local cultural references rarely seen in games. The game caught the attention of Henry and Light Wang, who joined the project after being impressed by its unique elements. As the scope of the game expanded, the team grew to include mutual friends Doy Chiang, Hans Chen, and Vincent Yang, bringing the team’s total to six members. This led to the official formation of Red Candle Games.

Detention was released on Steam in January 2017 and received praise from both critics and players. It was later adapted into a live-action film in 2019 and even inspired a TV show. The success of Detention propelled Red Candle Games into the spotlight as one of the industry’s most promising indie studios.

Embracing Change

Following the success of Detention, Red Candle Games released Devotion, a first-person horror game set in a haunted apartment. This marked a significant shift from 2D to 3D development, showcasing the team’s versatility and willingness to explore different genres. However, Devotion faced controversy in China due to a piece of in-game art that mocked the country’s president. This resulted in the game being pulled from sale and a tumultuous journey to make it available again. Despite the challenges, Red Candle Games persevered and finally re-released Devotion in March 2021.

Stepping into New Territory

Looking to break away from the horror genre, Red Candle Games began working on Nine Sols, a side-scrolling action platformer, months before the re-release of Devotion. The game draws inspiration from Chinese mythology and tells the story of Yi, a cat-like hero who embarks on a quest to slay nine rulers and free the realm of New Kunlun. Nine Sols combines cyberpunk/sci-fi elements with Chinese fantasy and Taoism, offering a unique and captivating experience. Red Candle Games hopes that this game will help them penetrate the Western market and expand their fanbase.

Anticipating the Future

Nine Sols is set to launch in Q1 2024, with a free Steam demo already available for players to try. Red Candle Games sees this as an opportunity to move beyond the horror genre and explore new possibilities in game development. While they have found success in the indie gaming scene, the team is eager to expand their horizons and create games that span different genres.

Maintaining their small team size has allowed Red Candle Games to foster smoother communication and room for experimentation. However, they are open to expanding the studio if needed to accommodate future growth. Regardless of their size, Red Candle Games envisions themselves as a resilient team capable of adapting to any changes that come their way.


Q: Will Red Candle Games continue making horror games in the future?

A: Red Candle Games is open to exploring different genres and game experiences. While they have made a name for themselves in the horror genre, they are eager to create games that cater to a wider audience.

Q: When is Nine Sols set to release?

A: Nine Sols is currently scheduled to launch in Q1 2024. Players can try out a free demo on Steam to get a taste of the game before its official release.

Q: How has Red Candle Games evolved over the years?

A: Red Candle Games started as a small team of passionate gamers in Taiwan. Their success with Detention and Devotion propelled them into the spotlight, showcasing their ability to create unique and engaging gaming experiences. They continue to evolve and grow, pushing the boundaries of their creativity with each new project.


Red Candle Games has proven themselves as a talented and resilient indie studio, captivating players with their unique horror titles. With their upcoming game, Nine Sols, they are stepping into new territory and embracing different genres. Their journey is a testament to the power of artistic devotion and the ability to adapt and grow as a team. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Red Candle Games and the exciting experiences they will bring to players worldwide.

Original Article Source: Game Informer